Has anyone noticed lately there are more and more Doodles popping up in magazines, commercials, and even movies? ( my husband noticed a doodle walking down the street in the movie “Columbiana”).

Recently, I’m meeting more and more Doodle parents in dog parks, other communities, and even when I take the boys to camp! I would love to hang-out in the mornings, drink a cup of coffee and “chit-chat” for a while, but everybody is in such a hurry trying to drop off their “dood”, and hop back on the interstate, it’s literally impossible. So we smile, exchange small talk as we shuffle in and out the door.

That’s why I asked Olde Towne Pet Resort if I could host a “Doodle Day” event. I thought some leisure time together where we could gather for a “meet and greet”, while the dogs play – would be a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. A facility FULL of Doodles….

The event is scheduled for May 20th, complete with a short Q&A from an excellent groomer (Fernando) who will answer those many questions about “when, how often, products, etc..” when it comes to bathing, trimming, and cutting your Doodle.

Here’s the invite, I would love for you to meet Harley & Leo…

If you’re available and “nearby”, please click the icon on the right side and RSVP (space is limited). It’s going to be a blast. If you’re not in the area, have no fear, I promise to take loads of pictures and share.

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