Last week or so, early in the morning, a dear friend phoned me. She was super excited rambling into my voicemail about a segment on GMA featuring dog clothes. They called it CUSTOM CLOTHES FOR PAMPERED POOCHES. I missed the segment, because I was in the middle of “custom potty walks for two pampered doodles!”

Probably two days later I pulled up the featured story, and thought – WOW! Although the outfits were cute and unique – out of the eleven pampered pooches, ten weighed less than twelve pounds, and none of the clothing looked practical nor did they look machine washable!

After conferring with the boys, we agreed it would be “pawsome” if they shared their “big dog” fashion flair. The decision was unanimous! They would “represent” the over 50 canine weight class and put on a little “modeling show” to demonstrate how one can bridge the apparel gap, remain contemporary, in vogue, and within budget…

The garments you are about to see may not carry designer labels with the highest price- points. They are going to be a dime a dozen, easy to find, generally on sale, and available in practically every pet and discount store across the country. We promise! These are ready to wear pieces maintaining the latest trends in fabrics, colors and themes.

So without further ado –

Allow me to introduce DOODLE COUTURE -2013                                                                     (curtain opens to show the stage)
First we have Harley, who is sporting a “racy” red knit sweater with bold prints. ..
The high “mock” collar gives him the extra coverage he’ll need when the March wind starts to blow. Notice he’s matching his outerwear with his overnight traveler – nice ensemble Mr…
Chocolate Brown – the color of warmth, perfect for this indoor sleeper. Doesn’t he look dapper?
And look there’s one in XXL to fit the big guy…
You can’t see the clothing, but we thought the photo was adorable so we threw it in anyway (sort of like an intermission)…
The  indoor sleeper works well outdoors. It’s fleece and it’s soft…
Driving can wear even a “groovy” doodle out, but he’s already dressed for a nap…

Dressed, stretched, and doodle-laxing…
Did someone say it might rain?
If it does – the boys are ready…
Beep Beep – Doodles Driving!
DSCN4738This “pawsitively” could not have happened without OTPR – thanks so much for indulging us!

Thanks for reading. That’s the end of the show – be kind to someone today – share our fashion story!

  • Nikki
    March 14, 2013

    Hello guys, I loved the show especially the red n black it will look good on Kash!!! It gave me a great idea since I’m a knitter I’m going to knit Kash something, if you guys r good boys I might knit you too something and send it to your story’s and the pictures keep woofing up great doodle-ideas!! Woof woof, Nikki n kash

  • Tiffany
    March 14, 2013

    I love Leo in the red and Harley looks awesome in anything plaid 🙂

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