Hello GGD (Groovy Goldendoodle) Reader –

“People – Events – Circumstances” can alter ones life completely…


Extraordinary things are happening to a rather ordinary person (me) in ways I would never have imagined! Since the arrival of both “doods”, the inception of the blog, it’s transformation into a new website (coming soon!) along with a monthly newsletter – my life has been simply “euphoric.”

This new chapter in my life seems so surreal at times I find myself both gleeful and humbled by this unforgettable experience.

Each one of you have been so incredibly thoughtful over the past 14 months with support, comments, advice, and tender heart warming stories about “your” fluffy, furry, four legged family members. Collectively – I feel we’ve turned into some sort of “kindred spirit” over hilarious (sometimes embarrassing) stories about pets, dogs, doodles, and such.

I wish I could “do justice” to the joy this journey has been as I travel down such an unfamiliar road. To write (about the boys and ultimately the book) feels like I am on the drive of my life!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing in my dream…

Over the past year I’ve been asked a few times what propelled me into blogging/writing about the boys? Well all credit goes to my DD (Doodle Daughter) Tiffany, because of a book I was already working on (keep reading!).

Here’s my story…

Doodles are such unique creatures – people always ask questions about them. One day Tiffany proposed I start writing about their antics, for others to delight in. She knew writing had become a mechanism to help me “hold onto my sanity” (keep reading!) and it quickly turned into a passion for me over the last ten years. Over time I surrendered to her incessant nagging (she called it “persuasion”), and “Groovy Goldendoodles” was born.

After blogging for only a few months, I was intrigued with the level of interest in their adventures. Day dreams soon turned into visions about changing the blog post to a website, giving it more of a visual “pop”, with pictures, and other “stuff” for folks to look at and enjoy. I am by no means “technically savvy” so I needed help!

I had the “blue ribbon” fortune of speaking with MAYRA RUIZ MCPHERSON founder of Ruiz McPherson Communications, a Marketing Ingenuity and Digital PR Company based out of Dulles, Virginia.

After our first hour long discussion – each finishing each others sentences – my “wish list” of what I fantasized the ultimate website to look like seemed a reality. I had found someone who could unscramble the mess in my brain and make it visible for others to see!

Towards the conclusion of our first “get-together” (we don’t have meetings, we girls have business get-togethers!) Mayra commented on my hairstyle, said she liked it and asked what influenced me to wear it like I do. That’s another question that comes up frequently, and so I shared “the story” (keep reading).

Maybe a week or two later, Mayra called, said she was asked to write an article for a social media magazine for Washington DC Suburbs, and wanted to know if she could write about my daughter, my boys, and I. Tiffany said yes, therefore I agreed also.

So without further “ado” meet my absolutely phenomenal DD Tiffany in the I AM MODERN magazine article. Find out the reason I cut my hair, details on my current writing project, and understand a little more about why I find such happiness blogging about the Chronicles of Life With Harley & Leo!

But least I not forget, check out the AWESOME picture of two GROOVY GOLDENDOODLES in the article, they were perfect gentlemen during the photo shoot…

Thanks so much for reading – and making our dreams come true…

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  • Tiffany
    July 23, 2012

    Your dream star was always there…I just lent you my telescope so you could see it better.
    Always your #1 fan,

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