What an odd question. “can dogs throw tantrums?” I’m compelled to say “yes”, cause that’s what it looks like at our house.

DD (doodle daughter) had a memorable tantrum when we lived in Fort Bragg, North Carolina..

Scan 4

Doodle Daughter at such a precious age

I left her there, in the aisle of the Military Commissary like she was an orphan!

She wasn’t aggressive, just loud.

I believe she was under the assumption, the more she screamed and flailed her arms around like a propeller plane the greater her chance of getting whatever it was she wanted. She bet everything she had that I would rather “give in” than have her embarrass me in front of all those other military spouses. Didn’t work, I left her there on the floor. I kept it moving!

Harley and Leo, sometimes mirror Tiffany’s out breaks. They’re not aggressive, just loud and obnoxious. And, it’s only over certain things.

HARLEY: if I’m the only human going somewhere, he refuses to get in the back of the car. He will roll around on the grass, and run circles around the car until I open the door on the passengers side for him.

LEO: what else? “Wilson”

And just like Tiffany, when they start their antics – I leave them too!

Just for kicks, I decided to do a little research, find out if others out there had witnessed this same behavior. I was surprised to find one answer that said:

“Dogs are very intelligent, buuuut, not intelligent enough to reason.” 

There were other comments from professionals that seemed to favor the fact:

“dogs just do not have the mindset.” 

My first thought was: “I beg to differ, you haven’t met Harley & Leo.” 

I did however, find dozens of “pet parents” who wrote about similar antics their four legged furrends demonstrated that sounded a lot like mine. Whew, I’m not alone, no matter what it is!

Whenever Leo gets wound up, it’s triggered over “Wilson.” I’d say 25% of the time it’s either because:

  • I won’t throw it to him,
  • I won’t bring it with us,
  • We can’t find it.

75% of the time –

  • Harley’s involved!

It’s as if he’s teasing Leo.

Check this out –

The other day, we were all outside. I noticed Harley wasn’t engaged or participating. He reminded me of a child who was bored to death and looking for something “wrong” to do. You know that  “look”


Doesn’t he look like he’s scheming?

When I caught him watching Leo intently I should have known something was brewing..


Somethings about to “go down!”

Then the innocent playful wrestling began. That’s how it always starts…


To compensate for his shortness Harley will grab Leo’s back legs…


And once Leo’s down, he’ll try to jump on his back…


Like clockwork, by the time the wrestling was over, Harley will have finagled a way to confiscate “Wilson” OMD


Leo pawformed to pawfection!  So much so, someone “appeared” and saved the day. Wasn’t me – I would have walked away!

WARNING: if your at work, turn the sound down on your computer so your boss won’t know you’re not working…

I imagine if DH had been in the Commissary with me years ago, Tiffany would  have gotten whatever it was she so desperately wanted. What do you think?

See why I have to keep several “Wilson’s” around?

Leo’s happy again…


These two are inseparable.

Tell me, does your dog throw tantrums?

Thanks fur reading, I’ll keep on writing…


  • Kimberly Gauthier
    September 21, 2013

    OMG, this is so Rodrigo. He does this all the time. He’ll have 5 toys, but one of his siblings has the one HE wants RIGHT NOW.

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 23, 2013

      There is so much more going on between those two floppy ears that we can’t even imagine. Thanks Kim aka Fur Mom

  • allpropet
    September 23, 2013

    dogs can also smile. treat them as our human friends, never anger them

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 23, 2013

      Yes they certainly do, in fact Harley smiles all the time 🙂 Thanks so much for reading.

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