Pet parents are quite similar to Mom’s and Dad’s of two legged lil’ people. We love to share information, adore fawning over each other’s furbabies, and can “sniff” each other out of a crowd like nobodies business!

Early on in my pet blogging life, I met (thru social media) Lonnie – another “Doodle Mom.” For months we have communicated regularly about Harley, Leo, and her cutie pie “Libby Lu.”

“Collar me flattered” when we received this note from Lonnie one afternoon….

 “I did sign up for the Bark Box a couple of weeks ago Cathy through your site. Libby and I are looking forward to our first delivery and anxious to see what goodies we receive:)”

I responded with my usual “doodle” glee – and asked her to let me know how Libby Lu reacted when the box arrived.

Thanks so much Lonnie for sharing your first BarkBox experience along with the pawgeous photos.



I was sitting at my granddaughter’s Vacation Bible School waiting for the last day performance and I received your email about the box.  To my surprise when I got home an hour later we got a knock on the door and there was the Bark Box.

Of course, as Doodles do, Libby was right there watching the mail man hand me the box and I immediately told her “this package” was for her.  I am a major shopper and usually the boxes are for me!  So obviously there was a little more excitement with Libby instead of watching her Mommy open up her packages!  LOL

We went into our family room and she jumped onto her pillow with lots of excitement since she knew she was getting something special!


She LOVED everything and was very curious while checking the box out!


Actually it was very cute and my husband and I were as excited as she was and always amazed at how “human” these Doodles are 🙂


Thanks so much,


Check “Libby Lu” out as she sorts through her BarkBox searching for her favorite item…



Looks like the WIGZI two pocket treat toy wins!…


Thank you so much Lonnie for sharing :)…


In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an affiliate post, which means that I have an affiliate relationship with Bark Box. Should you choose to sign up for Bark Box using the link on this site, I will earn a commission. But please note, I only endorse what The Boys believe in.

Thanks for reading, thanks for coming back!

  • Tiffany
    July 31, 2013

    Libby Lu was so cute with her Bark Box. She looked just as happy as Leo and Harley on Bark Box Day.

    • Cathy Bennett
      August 1, 2013

      BarkBox has that effect on both pups and parents!

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