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ImageI just “love – love – love” the Academy Awards. As a little girl I can remember, (before DVRs) being on my “best behavior” days leading up to that famous Sunday night. I was ABNORMALLY “quiet” the entire day, trying my hardest to be helpful wherever I could. Drying dishes, sweeping, folding clothes, “sucking up”, ANYTHING – just so I could watch the “pre show” events. I’d get goose bumps and chills watching the celebrities walk the red carpet with all their glam. This was that “once a year” moment when you just “ooh’ed” and “aah’ed” at the long gowns, upswept hairdo’s, and those “stolen glances” at all your favorite big screen friends. Every girl alive practiced the “princess wave” in front of their bathroom mirror, pretending to hear their name called out over the microphone:

“Oh look, here’s Leo”, that dashing doodle from VA sporting his formal look from designer: Armani
Image   Image Image

By the time the show finally started, it was dangerously close to my scheduled bed time. I would strategically position myself in a corner of the room and try my hardest to barely breathe. My plan was not to be SEEN or HEARD – which would allow me to stay up a little longer. On more than one occasion I was my own executioner, hollering out something in excitement when an actor won.

“Our next nominee”
“HARLEY-DARLY” in the 2012 remake of “THE ART OF SLEEPING”




It was 1964, Julie Andrews was nominated for best actress in her outstanding role as “Mary Poppins.” Almost every child I knew wanted to be one of the “Banks” children, so she could be their nanny – I mean the lady could fly! When they showed snip-its of the movie during the Awards show, I lost it! I started clapping and singing with the television clip, scared my Nana close to death, and subsequently reminded my parents it was after 9:00pm and past my bedtime…. I never saw Ms. Julie accept her award – bummer!

And the OSCAR goes to (drum roll please)…..


THE “GROOVY GOLDENDOODLES” for their role in giving a lifetime of LOVE

ImageIf you’re into this sort of thing – I hope you’re enjoying that portion which draws you back year after year. And if you aren’t watching – perhaps you’re at least getting a mini-smile out of my trip down memory lane.

Commercials over  – gotta go….

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  • Claudette Pope
    February 27, 2012

    Glad to know I’m not alone. Most evenings my hubby and I get ready for our evening of a little TV watching, I say “little” cause he’s really not into TV the way I am, but the Oscor night is a night I know that I have to watch oompletely alone cause he’s not having any of it. But I was in sheer heaven giving my personal comments on the gowns, makeup and hair. Oh, sheer bliss.

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