To say it’s the boy’s who are excited about “hosting” their very first social event is a big fat FIB! I am somewhat embarrassed to admit… IT IS REALLY ME!

When I spoke with Olde Towne Pet Resort about this concept months ago-they were so gracious and seemed so genuinely interested, I booked the date immediately! Once the invitations went out, and the e-vites were posted, it started to feel like an actual party.

Now that the weekend is finally upon us, I can’t stop laughing at myself as I go about my daily routines with more pep in my step, just plain ole “happy” about everything.

I feel like the poster child for the phrase: “it’s the little things in life…”

I’ve spoken to more than a dozen doodle parents over the past few weeks, and I am “fired up” about meeting them along with their “doods” in person. Earlier this week I had an onsite meeting with the photographer: Mayka Pryor of “Mareta Creations” to go over logistics for Sunday. A graphic artist “extraordinaire”,  she is a “phenom” with her camera. Her speciality list is long, but I love the black & white photos she captured of the boys. I am thrilled that she will be on hand to take photos for the blog, and also for portrait sitings.

To have OTPR‘s Grooming “Guru”, Fernando on hand to share some of his secrets and discuss the best ways to tackle Doodle curls and waves will be a perfect addition to the afternoon.

So, I must run, there is still much preparation to do…







We’ve got one almost finished:












And one waiting patiently for the tub to fill up…







If you “own” a doodle, “know” a doodle, and you still want to come – COME! Simply go to  DOODLE DAY – EVENTBRITE and we’ll see you there!

Doodle Day Stories and Pictures on Monday – we promise!
Thanks for reading…

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