Due to Harley’s emotional roller coaster last Thursday (when DH left in my car with his suitcases – read: HARLEY MADE ME CRY), DD (Doodle Daughter) felt Harley needed two sets of arms to cuddle him back to normal so she came over Friday evening for a “mother – daughter” pajama party…
When she saw this months Bark Box in my office, she decided no better time then the present, sat on the floor with them and opened it…
This particular box was filled with a “double doodle dose” of treats:
BARKWORTHIES: Stuffed Shin Bone with a specially formulated filling of all natural ingredients including brown rice and bully stick pieces. The Stuffed Shin Bone can be enjoyed by your dog even after the filling is gone by re-filling it with your dog’s favorite treat, it is a great natural alternative to plastic stuffable toys.

ETTA SAYS: Duck Jerky Treats

Unfortunately Harley & Leo, with their super sensitive stomachs will have to “pass” on the “Shin Bone” and “Duck Jerky” treats – but they have a bunch of “furr-ends” they can “gift” them to, so we’ll let you know.

Also in the box was a chew toy, that Leo seemed to favor immediately…
MULTIPET : Cotton Rope Toy
Harley however, could have cared less, he was on a expedition for the treats DD tried desperately to hide from him…
MY all time personal favorite this month, which I saved for last…

ABO GEAR: Groom Mitts! 100% biodegradable mitts that easily slip on your hand for a quick and mess free cleaning between baths. The mitts are XL to fit any size hand and are ideal for big dogs.  You can warm the mitt in the microwave for 10 seconds to treat your pooch to a heated rub down.

I’m telling you I’ve already tested these babies and they are smooth like butta! I love them!! Leo and Wilson went on an “independent” nature walk, and Leo came back gray tinted paws and legs – I used the mitts on his paws, legs and under his chin – like David Copperfield – “poof” dirt was gone!

But that’s not what makes this months box so “different”

Both doods discovered something else that they wanted instead of the toys and the treats!

For whatever reason, like prize fighters anxiously awaiting the “ding” of the bell allowing them back into the ring – both doods “jumped” the box! It was like watching slapstick comedy. Wacky, harmless fun, the “paw-fect” way to bring balance to the day before, nothing was ingested, it was just a mess to clean up!

As I captured what I could for you to enjoy, I told DD not to talk because I was trying to video them without human commentary. Listen closely – she couldn’t keep quiet (good help is so hard to find), hope you get a chuckle while you watch:


Thanks for reading, and if you need a “pick me up” this week – tear up a box!

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