Two Goldendoodles vs. one? You betcha! With both boys in the family now, we’ve got the best of all worlds.

Harley seems to have speed walked through his pre-teen and teen years and gone straight into adulthood at the ripe old age of two and a half. He’s still very playful but in a relaxed, calm older brother manner. He is half Leo’s size, yet he’s respected as the “alpha male.”

Leo is the big kid in our house. He is always ready to play, whether you are or not! Perhaps because his reflection all day is Harley, he is not always aware of his size. He will attempt (bless his heart) to do everything Harley does, to include squeezing into the smallest of spaces. At 76 lbs you can’t always fit  where 46 lbs can, but it is oh so interesting to watch.

Dogs are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have one, and have the courage and stamina to get another, you won’t often regret it. I hope you enjoy their adventures….

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