My husband and I took a mini vacation and left the boys in the capable hands of our DD (doodle daughter) Tiffany, and the Olde Towne Pet Resort. The week was split in half with them spending the last half at their “home away from home” to get loved and spoiled rotten while boarded. On Sunday, Tiffany and John loaded up their travel bag, scooped them up and headed to brunch. My daughter goes to great lengths to locate establishments that accept pets. This is why they have a travel bag!


It is a very inexpensive insulated bag (comes from IKEA for all of $4.99), complete with two bowls, a double sided mat (one side vinyl – one side cloth) which could be used as a food mat or bed blanket, and plenty of room for water bottles and treats.


Whenever they see this bag pulled off the shelf, they get all excited because to them it represents a “road trip.”


According to Tiffany, the boys were on their best behavior and folks came from almost every table to visit, they always seem to draw a crowd. I’ve noticed recently, if a small child approaches, Harley will lay down and allow the child to touch him. At first we thought nothing of it, but lately it’s become his M.O. It’s very endearing to watch. They finally left the restaurant and walked around a bit, stopping in Anthropology –


and as they walked in the direction of the car, it happened!  When we thought we’d seen it all, it happened! A man (total stranger) asked to take a picture with the boys. It was a “Jonas Bros” moment! So as he posed, the person he was with took the picture, and so did John.

Harley and Leo have a gift, one that affects all who are around them. Adults and children beam as they pet, hug and yes, sometimes even pose with them.

Enjoy your week, and I’m sure they’ll have another adventure soon, and so we blog!

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