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The Honest Kitchen recently added another flavor to their dehydrated pet food collection and this one reminds me of my childhood

My paternal ancestral pool originates from the caribbean. My dad was a culinary genius so most meals at my home were exotic to the palate and different from the homes of my friends.

When I saw that the two main ingredients from this new grain free dog food were fish and coconut – I couldn’t help but think of my past. #goosies

You see people of West Indian decent cook a great deal of fish, and coconut is often incorporated into the meal. #coconutrice #coconutbread #coconutchicken

That’s why the new grain free fish & coconut recipe peaked my interest.

Knowing this was good, healthy, wholesome food with only SIX ingredients made it easy to accept a box from THK


Waiting for its arrival, I crossed both fingers and toes hoping this combination would be of interest to Harley and his eccentric appetite.

BRAVE is grain-free, potato-free, poultry-free and good for both adult dogs and puppies!

It contains:

  • Certified Pollock
  • Organic Coconut
  • Chickpeas
  • Celery
  • Pumpkin
  • Spinach

Neither of the Boys had ever eaten fish before so I was curious as to how this new culinary dish would fare here in Doodleville.

Happy to report – BRAVE is as popular as:

Since THK produces all natural human grade dog food, I trust it for my boys. I like the variety of fruits and veggies that accompany the different protein choices.

Having the freedom to switch recipes without any tummy typhoons is an added bonus…



How do you like my snazzy new tote bag? I’m gonna tell you all about it later this week.


I still add fresh veggies and fruits to at least one meal per day and I have been known to throw in a little peanut butter and banana slices just to jazz up their breakfast from time to time…


It’s very easy to prepare – but I did have to master the right formulas for both Harley & Jax. One prefers less water for a more thick and hearty consistency, while the other wants more of a “porridge” texture. #Iaimtoplease

There are so many dog foods on the market today and I believe our choices are governed by a myriad of reasons. For my Boys (not in any particular order) I’m looking for something that I know  –

  • is gentle on Harley’s digestive system
  • is doodlelicious AND nutritious
  • is balanced for a growing puppy
  • is “somewhat” affordable because I too need to eat! #hellosomebody

The contents of the 10 pound box vanish quickly, because Jax is still eating three times a day. I’ve chosen to budget and sacrifice knowing they’re getting the fido-nutrients they need, and three meals a day won’t last forever! #thistooshallpass

The Boys are Ambassadors for THK now – so we want you to know you can try a sample bundle for $1.00 if you’d like.

The promo code is SB15




For those who remember reading about my dog food dilemma a few weeks ago, I’ve gotta tell you. Writing to you about Harley’s problems was better than writing to Dr. Phil #yougetme

Your advice was pawfect and it gave me the courage to stand tall and face my worst fears. #Ioweitalltoyou 




Jaxson’s medical hiatus is finally over #thankthedoodleStinky” has had a bath, and he’s back to his maniac state of mind. #loveit

Stay with us – we’ve got so much to share –

  • More product reviews
  • Off Leash Training
  • And a DOODLENORMOUS announcement


I am joining the Monday Mischief blog hop brought to you by Alfie’s BlogSnoopy’s Dog BlogMy Brown Newfies. The Hop that wraps up the weekend…


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The Honest Kitchen sent this product for us to review. Affiliate links are used in this post and if you purchase from the link to help support this blog I will accrue points towards FREE Honest Kitchen products!. Do not worry, these links do not affect the price of products. As always, Groovy Goldendoodles™ only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. All opinions are my own, swayed only by Harley & Jax’s lip smacking approval.

  • Earl Lover
    August 31, 2015

    Mm, looks good! 🙂

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      Mm, it is good 🙂

  • Two French Bulldogs
    August 31, 2015

    That Honest Kitchen has honest good stuff
    Lily & Edward

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      Couldn’t have said it better myself guys!

  • Pamela
    August 31, 2015

    Coconut is such a fragrant fruit(?). Did the boys like it?

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      Love it Pamela! Harley’s been eating coconut almost all his life. I would add a melted teaspoon full to his food everyday. Great for his coat, skin and digestive system. Have you set sail yet?

  • nichole
    August 31, 2015

    Sounds yummy… and love your new tote!

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      Thanks Nichole – the food is yummy and the tote is simply the coolest ever! Stick around – I’m posting a give-away review soon.

  • Sara
    August 31, 2015

    Hi Cathy,

    We’re so glad your boys loved Brave and gobbled it right up! Thanks for sharing!


    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      Thanks Sara – they really enjoy all the flavors. The variety I can offer now is great – and no tummy aches when I switch around.

  • DZ Dogs
    August 31, 2015

    Yumm!! Looks delicious!

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      DZ it’s Doodle*licious 🙂

  • Emma
    August 31, 2015

    My mom doesn’t like fish, so we never had anything with fish until this year. I’m a mom’s girl and honestly, I’m struggling with eating fish just like she does. Some things I really love, but many of them, I refuse to eat. I know my sisters love it all, though. Enjoy!

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      Harley will eat it from time to time, but Jax loves it. I try to give them variety with THK meals and so far they seem to enjoy the rotation

  • Denise Gruzensky
    August 31, 2015

    Sounds good so we took your promo code and ordered a sample pack! Thanks!

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      Good for you! Please let us know how it was received! Paws crossed that the dog bowl clanks as loud in your house as it does in ours!

  • Tenacious Little Terrier
    August 31, 2015

    Your dogs certainly eat well! Mr. N will eat some seafood but not others.

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      Oh Mr. N. don’t fret – Harley isn’t a huge seafood doodle. He likes it on occasion. Jax on the other paw – loves it! How do you feel about beef?

  • Paved by Paw Prints
    August 31, 2015

    THK looks great! I hate buying dog foods with all of the artificial ingredients and preservatives. For awhile now, I’ve actually been making my own homemade raw food diet for Cody. THK looks like a fantastic, honest brand. Great review! Ps. Your tote bag is #snazzy 🙂

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      I love reading and learning all about the best ways to feed healthy foods to our pets. THK allows me to do that – while adding natural fresh veggies and fruits when I choose. I’m so excited about getting a dehydrator so I can learn how to make my own jerky treats It’s the little things that make me giddy! Glad you liked the tote – keep reading, I will have a give-away review coming out shortly!

  • Hawk aka BrownDog
    August 31, 2015

    Hi Y’all!

    My Humans use fruit and veggies for my treats. My Human Mama also uses a small treat called Fruitables when she’s givin’ me “lessons”.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      Hawk – fruits and veggies will grab my boys attention every time.

  • Jan K
    September 2, 2015

    So glad things are getting back to normal around there!!

    We tried some Honest Kitchen for the first time this last weekend, and the dogs definitely are fans. I think ours was chicken flavor, but I know this crew would love the fish even more. They are big fish fans.

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      Jan – I feel like Top Doodle Chef around here lately. I have a few boxes on the shelf so some days it’s turkey, some days it’s fish, and then there’s Harley’s favorite – the beef #showhimthebeef I love how I can switch around and no one gets an upset tummy. Have fun taste testing!

  • The Daily Pip
    September 3, 2015

    Does sound super yummy. I love anything with coconut. I’ve tried a few treats for Ruby with coconut and she’s never very interested, but maybe we will give this a try and see what happens.

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 14, 2015

      Jax was more into the fish than Harley. I love the fact that I can change flavors without having to deal with them getting sick. Jax usually eats the new food at lunchtime since he’s the only one with a third meal. Harley’s favorite this week is between the turkey and the beef. I feel like a doodle chef! HA!