On a serious note, I wanted to share some valuable nutritional information to those out there who struggle with dietary choices for their beloved four legged children. The tales of poodles having “sensitive stomachs” seems accurate for one of my doodles – Harley. Could be because he was so sick as a puppy, or the poodle genes dominate and the tales are true! Leo however, eats EVERYTHING, and eventually it just comes out the other end.

Their VET, my SHERO, our FRIEND, truly has the gift, she listened to her “inner voice” chose the path she was designed for and to me, is the best at her craft- yes, Dr. Learman, I’m bragging about you!…


The boys have a simple and really inexpensive meal plan, and it helps with everything – digestive system, bowels ( “lot’s going in, little coming out” is what she taught me), energy level, weight maintenance and little stomach “issues”. So what do they eat you ask? Dry dog food, with one tablespoon of ground chicken (I grab grilled chicken breasts from Costco and grind it up in the food processor), one bag generally lasts about two weeks. One tablespoon of liquid coconut oil, (does wonders with their coat and skin and they love the flavor! (one jar will last a month) and sometimes for dinner I add about two tablespoons of cooked carrots…


They go nuts over the carrots! Sounds crazy I know, but check it out with your vet, (especially before trying this with your pet). I cannot stress enough the importance of a great relationship with your dogs doc!  A special “shout- out” to three of the greatest med techs: Jamie, Kendell, and Susie – you all are FANTABULOUS! Per the vet’s orders I will start incorporating green beans as an alternative to the carrots. These veggies are great  snacks, and they are good for your dog. Plus, when you purchase in bulk they are great on the wallet – “hey now”. Both the boys are members of the “clean bowl club”, and they are very content with what they eat. I truly hope this information can be helpful to somebody who struggles with food issues for their pet. And perhaps we should ALL stop and think about what we’re putting in our system. Is what we eat actually helping or hurting our bodies. Hmmmm?


Thanks for reading! Have a great week, and I’ll blog again next Monday ….

PS: The boys are going to a Halloween party… In COSTUME!!!

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