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The Boys are back online…

…after a much longer break than I ever anticipated.

Harley and Jax love exploring Hampton Park - 63 acres right in the middle of downtown Charleston.

I apologize sincerely for our extended absence.

No longer M.I.A. – we’re back – and ready to share Doodle life, facts and fiction about – 

  • Goldendoodles – this intuitive affectionate cross breed, diet, grooming and training
  • Tips – about everything when it comes to having dogs in the home
  • Therapy Animals – all that the Boys do as certified therapy dogs
  • Charleston – life in one of the popular pet friendly cities in America
  • Random Dog Mom Whoas – let’s face it – I have them at times

But first – a quick update on where we’ve been since January 2021 (embarrassing – this was the last time I posted a blog post). #ohthedamnshame


Back to work after a seven month furlough took some adjusting. The Boys and I walked out of the hospital in March, 2020 telling more than 96 therapy dog teams to “hang in there” until further notice. Well they “hung” for seven months #nolie and initially only 22 teams felt comfortable entering a hospital setting during a pandemic. #Igetit

It was challenging to re-build in the midst of such uncertainty. It has not been easy. I am grateful to those who returned and others who have joined us. We are now 84 teams and growing – again!


As the therapy dogs resumed their shifts, I encountered a new dilemma. It was time to “bench” one of my star players. 

Seven months of unemployment, limited human interaction and contact aged Harley. He was like the old man who retired too early. Once we returned, his mind and spirit said “yes” but his body barked a loud and resounding “no” His sudden schedule change had slowed my twelve and a half year old Dood down…

Jaxson has had to pick up the bone and stand in the gap. So far he’s done an exceptional job, providing he gets his Puppachino before visitations begin…

No one ever taught Jaxson this trick. He will only do it at the hospital and he always draws a crowd.

Harley makes the occasional half day appearance when there’s more office work vs. patient visits. He hangs out in the office, allowing care team members to indulge him while he delights in his multiple breaks…

Harley loves this bed from FurHaven - he falls in like he's on a cloud


After resting our tails during that “forced hiatus” I pitched a concept to those at work who hold the power – and was approved to create a Therapy Animal Virtual Library for our pediatric patient population…

These two here - inspired me to pitch PAWsome Story Time to hospital administration. Dogs + a Story + Illustrations (anytime you want)? = PRICELESS

We call it PAWsome Story Time Library! Pediatric patients all over campus have 24/7 access to stories read by therapy dog volunteers and their canine companions.

The Boys and I even read a book…

These are two stories that I chose to record. Their messages are so important, they must be shared.


My blog post dream sheet of anecdotes has grown considerably. I have commentary notes for subjects such as –

  • Finally stumbling on the right cadence to win the environmental allergy war for Harley.
  • The challenges of living with two dogs – six years apart. The difficulties of refereeing romps to keep Harley safe from wrestling injuries.
  • How to successfully select the proper groomer. I haven’t been this happy since leaving VA. Jaxson no longer has shaggy mornings…
If it's a wild night, then this is the head I must comb before work.

So hang out with us, our stories will be short; hopefully informative/interesting as well as comical/entertaining.


A podcast to listen to if you have dogs. Tune in anytime, we love talking about dogs.

I met Kimberly Morris Gauthier through our pet blogs in 2013. She lives in Washington State, so our relationship has been mostly virtual but strong. 

Our friendship is so unique because, while we differ oh so nicely, we blend beautifully.

  • She feeds raw – I can’t #gag
  • She makes her dogs bone broth from scratch, I buy mine at the store
  • I live in the city – she’s out in the wilderness.

Our mutual love for giving our dogs the best is the glue that continues to bond us together. We’re just a couple of “Girls with Dogs” and that’s the bases of how we came up with our collaborative venture to co-anchor a Pod Cast. 

Here is our virgin episode – we want to bring you 30-40 minute dog related chatter once a week. We will “spill the tea” on pet related topics that received national news attention and scandals from our own backyards. Look for an occasional interview OR even better, hear us discuss a topic you asked us to address.

So please – join us – support us – take us along on your dog walks or commutes to work. Listen as you jog, just log on, and laugh along with us – we intend to have a blast and you’re all invited!


Anything you can imagine – you can create.

Thanks so much for reading ❤️

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  • Cathy Bennett
    August 2, 2021

    It’s great to be writing again. Thanks so much for the love….