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June 24th 2022 is the official – take your dog to work day!

Did you know it is now celebrated nationally and annually on the Friday following Father’s Day?… 

I had no clue. And probably so because I bring a dog to work with me all the time 🙂

According to Mr. Google, this day was first recognized in 1999 with approx. 300 businesses hosting the event. The intent was to cleverly promote pet adoptions in the work place with the hope that non-pet owners may be converted after witnessing what I call tail wagging happiness from being around a dog. 


is what I call a canine attitude adjuster. No matter how bad the traffic, or how long the meeting, he has the ability to adjust your mood to the positive. We’re a small office of four, so when he is not with a patient, he’s hanging out in the hall for hugs, back scratches and apple slices…

But that’s not all he does when he’s with me. Here is a sneak peak of what many of my take your dog to work days look like…

Intensive Care Units are a regular stop in the morning to see staff


Jax truly excels in physical and occupational therapy. He has a special way of motivating patients to push harder with their rehab sessions.

Stroke’s do not discriminate by age. These patients are not old. The patient on the left is motivated to improve mobility in his hands so he can walk and take care of his dog again and the patient on the right welcomed a new fluffy approach to rehab.

Jaxson wears a customized vest loaded with zippers, snaps, buttons and shoe strings…

These functions are designed to replicate what people experience everyday trying to dress themselves. The therapists use Jax to make this exercise more enjoyable, which increases the engagement of the patient…


left on too long, caused her injury to heal incorrectly. Surgery fixed the problem, but it also weakened the wrist. Bowling with Jaxson was one of the activities to assist in regaining strength…

I will never forget her fear of dogs when she first entered the clinic. Over time she and Jax became buddies, and as her mobility improved, she was able to cut up an apple for Jax after her exercises were done. #likemagic


it’s an indescribable experience.

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s this patients tremors made day to day activities difficult. He became frustrated, and stressed resulting in blood pressure spikes. When we introduced him to Jax, his sessions became the highlight of his weeks.

They bowled together every week…

Bowling helped with bending, muscle control and balance…

He worked with the vest to learn how to overcome the tremors…

And as weeks passed he became faster…

He grew to love Jaxson and Jax was always happy to see him…

I think of him often, and pray he’s doing well.


is a day I personally think all businesses should try to incorporate. For some, it may be difficult, every line of work cannot accommodate it. If you’re reading this post and didn’t realize this is a thing – now you can plan for 2023. Just make sure you remember to get the all clear from the folks who sign your paychecks, puppy proof your office, let everyone know your pup is coming then bring bowls, treats and poop bags!

Have a fluffy day at the office ❤️

  • Colleen Fralinger
    June 24, 2022

    I absolutely loved reading this post! Jaxson is an amazing therapy dog for the patients at this clinic. I would always see everyone in the clinic light up when Jax entered the room. He not only helped the patients he was scheduled to see, but also those that would stop by just to say hello. Patients’ motivation increased tremendously with Jax and they always asked for him each week, excited to work with him again. The bond Jax had with the patients was truly amazing and it warmed my heart reliving those experiences with these photos and videos! Therapy dogs have a tremendous impact in a clinical setting and I believe we are only beginning to see the extraordinary impact they have on patient outcomes.

    • Cathy Bennett
      June 24, 2022

      And Jax appreciates all the opportunities you gave him to hone in on his “ball” skills….

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    June 24, 2022

    Bless you for your work helping others. Those videos brought tears of joy to my heart.

    • Cathy Bennett
      June 25, 2022

      Awwhhh – thanks Monika – I feel blessed everyday to be able to share Jaxson in this way. Take care,

  • Madison
    June 27, 2022

    We 4 work with Mom every day since she has her own business and works at home. Glad you boys get to go to work, it’s the best thing to be with mom!

    • Cathy Bennett
      June 28, 2022

      That’s so PAWSome MAdison. I work from home one day a week and the Boys love it!