This blog probably needs no narrative – the video tells the whole story, but allow me to “set the stage” BEFORE you watch the “video.”

Do you remember when your children were toddlers, and you spent good money buying all the latest and greatest toys for them? If you saw a commercial, and they used the words “educational” or “stimulating” you were at the store the next day! I confess – I got caught up in the hype and actually thought these items (from a “toy” store no less), would guarantee my children a scholarship to the college of their choice.

For my two kids, it was “See n Say” – does anyone remember? Your child (or perhaps yourself) would carry this circular case with its handle, everywhere, you would have to turn the dial, because it was too hard for them to do it, and then let them pull the string. Whatever animal picture the dial pointed to, was the sound that came out through the two speakers on the back of the case. That cow would “moo” forever (or until the string retracted all the way back). Three days later “See n Say” was either in the closet or under the bed and they were back to tupperware, roasting pans, clothes pins, and wooden spoons!

You would think I’d learn over the years, but nooooooo, here I am – ordering “smart toys” for the “boys” thinking they will really solve the puzzle and find the treat in the center of the ball…


After all the ad on the internet said they would…. I’m thinking (as I did decades ago), that they will be occupied for hours while I do other things. So, while they’re playing nicely in their little corner, my daughter volunteers to dust the floors for me. It was the pots, pans, and tupperware all over again…

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