If curiosity is getting the best of you, I’m sure you’re not alone. The picture you are looking at – is of Leo’s leg!

Let me explain… Leo inherited the hair texture of his mother (Golden Retriever), and the long legs of his father (Giant Standard Poodle). Still a pup, he is rather awkward with his walking style, and will flop down on our hardwood floors when he wants to lay down. Mind you, when I say “flop” it’s the hardest drop you will ever hear and always on his front elbows.

So now at the ripe ole age of 13 months, he is developing a bruise in that area which is causing the hair to break off. My husband (the mastermind of the family), thought we should pad the area during the evening hours when he is “flopping” all over the place, which will protect the area from the impact of elbow bone meets wood, which might give it a chance to heal. Out of desperation, (and before we spend $$ at the vet), my husband came up with this grand idea: he gave me an athletic wrist sweat band from his old tennis days, and had me place it on Leo’s leg around the elbow. It was a perfect fit, not too tight to mess with his circulation, and not too loose to fall down with constant movement.

I am amazed that he not only wears it, but when he sees me coming with it, he will sit down and raise his leg for me to slide it on. It’s crazy! So Carmello Anthony and Dwight Howard look out, your not the only stars wearing support braces on your limbs. Not sure if this is going to work or not, I will definitely keep you posted. If you know of another alternative please let us know, share your comments (their private!), and feel free to forward to someone you think may know what to do   – we’re open to all suggestions.

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