Yesterday I had all intentions of blogging this week about “Mine, Mine, Mine PART 2“. Trust me – after the worst morning of my life (read on, I think you all would agree), the conclusion to last weeks blog can wait.

It’s probably safe to assume you have developed a certain bond (of some sort) towards the boys through their adventures. I will even go so far and say you probably think they’re “wonder dogs” that can do no wrong. Well this is why I’m changing subjects on you this week…

NEWS FLASH – Harley and Leo definitely have their moments! Let me elaborate….

Like most States on the East Coast – the Tuesday after Labor Day is the official “first day of school”. For me this means a re-introduction to little people, yellow buses with wheels, and parents in idling parked cars on both sides of the street. I’m talking about walking the gauntlet with two four legged creatures fresh from a long nights sleep. It’s like shaking up two soda cans before giving it to someone to open. Guaranteed recipe for disaster.

Knowing this, I thought I was prepared because I had a long talk with them in the garage before stepping out into enemy territory. I mean we trained for this all summer! It looked to me like they understood our little staff meeting, so off we went.

We reached the corner and Leo had to “poop”. Now I am a neurotic when it comes to cleaning up behind my dog. It is a major pet-peeve with me – I can not fathom anyone not cleaning up after their pet. So, once he was done – with both leashes in one hand – I whipped out my poop bag, and got to scooping.

Next thing I knew: Harley spun me around to the left, while Leo then raced to the right and I propelled forward. The asphalt street was still slick from the rain so I got no traction with my sneakers. Poop bag flew up in the air, yep you guessed it, poop then flew out of the bag, and I went down – FAST – (I’ll let you figure out where I landed!).

I hit the ground pretty hard, and due to the fact that they pulled me a few inches along the pavement, I tore my pants, scrapped up my knee and the palms of my hands. By now the children were yelling and pointing, parents were standing there horrified as I scrambled to get up and on my feet before another car, bus, little red wagon, bike, or something ran me over.  As I gained my balance and rose to a standing position, there’s another tug and I lost Harley completely (yes, up until that moment I still had a decent grip). My balance in jeopardy once again, I relinquished Leo’s leash to regain some degree of control and then I was finally able to see what caused this hilarious (I know by now you’re cracking up!) series of events. It was another dog! I never saw this lady (with all the other activities on the corner) let alone her dog – remember I’m picking up after my dog! Thank goodness she had a ton of compassion, she never got upset, kept her dog under control (he was impressive) and waited patiently for me to try and do the same.
I gathered myself, my dogs, my bag and it’s contents, I apologized to the parents (for traumatizing the children), and I tried with all my might to walk home with dignity despite the limp. After yet another shower, I took “Thing 1 and Thing 2” to camp!


And do you want to know the worst part? I have to face these people tomorrow. I’m sure someone will have their phone flipped and ready for a “youtube” moment.

So just when you thought “the boys” were cherubs with fur and tails… THEY’RE NOT! they too can be little trouble makers like all the rest.

Gotta love those boys!

Mine, Mine, Mine (the conclusion) coming next

Going to apply more Ben Gay…

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Thanks for reading!

  • Betty
    September 8, 2011

    Oh Cathy… You may need to soak in Epsom Salt.. lol. Cant wait until the next blog…

  • Jen
    September 8, 2011

    Now this is the stuff movies are made of…This stuff doesn’t just happen! So sorry about your various mishaps. But you came out laughing despite it all. You are amazing! This is way better reading than working. Thanks for the story!

  • Art Jackson
    September 8, 2011

    That’s a good one. Look at the bright side. At least you didn ‘t land in the dootie while you were doing your duty! Art

  • Nikki Stuhlmiller
    September 13, 2011

    Kathy..nobody can fall with as much grace and style as you! We love you and the “boys”!