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When it comes to shaving my dogs hair, “to shave or not to shave” becomes the popular question! Every summer the length of hair left on the Boys seems to be the topic of conversation around the grooming table…

When it comes to shaving my dogs hair – this is about as short as I feel safe to cut.

Here we are – less than two weeks away from the official “Summer Solstice” and the continuous rising temps in our region warns me of one hot summer on the horizon.


While it’s only the second week of June, I’m already seeing dogs up and down the streets practically bald like the top of Doodle Dad’s head. 

I think pet parents believe shaving their dog will keep them cool during the hotter months. Perhaps we associate it with how we dress when the temperatures begin to soar.

Here’s the naked truth #punintended –

there is no benefit to shaving your pet’s fur during the warmer months. The fur of both cats and dogs are much different from human hair.

Dr. Karen Becker

Your pets coat functions just like insulation. It protects against sunburn and skin cancer. Think of it like your home – it’s insulated to keep your house from getting too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Same principle.

This is why I “do” short – but not too short…

I keep the head a little fuller on Jaxson – because he has a big head!

Did you know pets with thin coats OR white/light colored coats are more vulnerable to sun damage?

Tis true!


There are always going to be what my husband calls “extenuating and mitigating circumstances” to every situation.

Some dogs need to be shaved for medical reasons such as skin infections, irritations, and hot spots. Others may be extremely matted, or infested with fleas.

As the weather warms, it’s tempting to shave. I know. Jaxson loves the water – if I could give him a military “buzz-cut” Lord knows I would, but he’d be miserable because we’re outside a great deal. The beach sand and salt water alone would probably make him scratch through his naked skin.

Instead – I keep it shorter than usual but still allow enough to safely cover his body…

This style of cut makes water games fun for both of us!


Discuss your desires of a “summer look” for your pet with your veterinarian. I believe geographical location, breed of dog, and other factors will weigh in on their recommendations. 

Websites! There are many to choose from on this subject. It was super easy to find reading material about the dangers of shaving single and double coated pets.

Dr. Karen Becker’s short video was quite informative…

YouTube player


Don’t get me wrong – I do believe there are benefits to summer cuts. But like many other “hot” topics about pet care, how, and if you should give your dog a summer cut doesn’t come with a simple yes or no answer. 

The Boys get a shorter cut during the warmer weather but I am cautious not to go too low and disrupt their natural cooling system. They need protection from harmful UV rays just like us.

That’s why during these dog days of summer I also adjust their schedules to make sure we are indoors during the hottest periods of the day.

So check with your vet and discuss a plan with your groomer, then get that sexy summer cut for your pup and live it up this summer – #safely.

Just for fun, we still like to leave enough hair on our ears to let the wind blow through…

Windy days are fun t frolic, play and pose for the camera!

A little bit of summer with your dog is what the whole year is about ❤️

  • Madison
    June 18, 2019

    No shaving for us. It would be devastating for our coats to be shaved. I think pet parents need to know the breed before they shave. Some breeds need their coats to protect them from the heat. For you boys it seems like a “cool” idea. Looking good.

  • Monika, Sam & Elsa
    June 18, 2019

    We’re fans of a shorter cut in summer but would never shave completely. Gotta protect that pink skin on Sam and even a little hair helps regulate core temps, both in warm and cooler weather. BTW, you look furbulous!

  • Cheryl
    June 18, 2019

    We’re also fans of shorter, but not “naked”! Love the fluff! Also, please remind people to check the pavement, paws can be burnt on hot pavement. If I can’t walk barefoot, my pets shouldn’t either!

  • Claudette Pope
    June 19, 2019

    Thank you so much for this very valuable information. I unfortunately am a Doodle Mom that had no clue that my Ziggy’s hair was actually Protecting him. He always seems so miserable in the heat (to me) that I had begun taking it all off in May. Then he gets trimmed in July. I’ll be more cognizant in the future.