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My secret weapon “dog toy” continues to exceed expectations. Especially during a pandemic, which has resulted in the longest temporary furlough of our lives! #theynotworkingeither

Jaxson is as active at 6.5 years old as he was 5.5 years ago…

Most days they both do a pretty good job entertaining themselves or each other. There are however, those moments when they look bored out of their minds…

Spring didn’t hang around long – making way for summer to settle in a little early. Most afternoons are just too hot to go outside and throw a ball. 

If you read my post about Grooming Tips after the Beach you know beach fun isn’t an “every day” activity. 

When I can no longer stand those sad puppy eyes staring at me from across the room, I pull out the pawfect prescription for the Goldendoodle Blues…

It’s called the Chase Me – Intelligent Escaping Dog Toy!


It was the dogs engagement and the speed of the toy in the ad that first caught my interest. Reasonably priced ($29.95) I thought – 

Why not buy one?

So doodle-lated I did! – 

  • The infrared sensing and high-speed runaway capabilities makes it close to impossible for him to catch.
  • As it runs away, the light flashes and there are several statements and sounds it plays which adds to the fun.
  • It rolls on a high-speed universal wheel that randomly turns and retreats if it hits any obstacle.

Watch the two of them in action – 

YouTube player


NO ONE asked me/us to endorse this product. I just wanted to tell you about this little gem and show you how much fun he has with it.

If you’re curious about the sound – it hasn’t annoyed us much. I’ve actually gotten used to it. 

Should you decide to try one out – you will have to provide your own AAA batteries (it requires 3).

The length of time he plays varies. After about 20 minutes he’s pretty tired of twisting and turning in circles chasing this thing.

We’ve had it several months and his enthusiasm hasn’t faded. If he plays with it more than once in a day, his sleeping positions are hysterical to look at…

Harley has slapped it with his paw once or twice – he prefers to sit on the sidelines and watch the madness with me.

May your weekend be lazy, lovely and long ❤️

  • Jan K
    June 20, 2020

    I can see how that would wear him out!
    I wonder if Luke would love this, or be afraid of it? Either way, with his propensity for picking up toys and trying to eat them, it’s probably best not to have a toy with batteries in it!! LOL

    • Cathy Bennett
      June 20, 2020

      Jax tries to “mouth it” but it moves so freaking fast, he really can’t. I feel you on the battery thing. I am never too far because at times it will flip over and if he can’t flip it back on it’s correct side, I must come to the rescue. The toy sounds a lot like the Minions from the cartoon. It’s not frightening at all.

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    June 20, 2020

    Oh my gosh…that toy is just brilliant! Too much fun to watch. What a great way to use up that pupster energy.

    • Ducky's Mom
      June 21, 2020

      OHMIGOSH! That toy is hilarious! It reminds me of a talking ball toy I bought WAY BACK when we first adopted Ducky. She HATED it – she would bark and growl at it as though it were possessed by a demon – until I picked it up and turned it off. (Callie and Shadow mostly just ignored it.) The internal battery finally died and I just tossed the thing; but Sam and I used to laugh at Ducky’s reaction to it.

      • Cathy Bennett
        July 2, 2020

        The battery has finally died on this one but I dare not throw it away. LOL I am headed to the commissary this morning and I will grab more batteries for the weekend – got to find something to take his mind off of the fireworks. Happy and safe 4th of July my friend.

  • Jane Schechter
    June 23, 2020

    Thanks for the recommendation Cathy. It looks awesome. I went to the website to purchase it, and there is a choice between “with control” or “without control.” I can’t figure out what that means. Do you know? Thanks.

    • Cathy Bennett
      July 2, 2020

      Hello Jane – sorry for the tardy response…. hope I’m not too late. I think the “control” is a remote. I didn’t get it because I wanted to participate with him as he plays. Whenever the toy flips over, Jax is able to flip it back with his paw most times – but for those rare occasions when he can’t I am there to do it for him. I opted not to spend the extra $$ and I just hung out and laughed while he plays.

  • Madison
    June 29, 2020

    We used to have something similar for the cats, but we played with it too. Ours had a fluffy tail on it that flew around with the ball. The tail was eventually ripped off and then we lost interest. Enjoy your toy, boys!

    • Cathy Bennett
      July 2, 2020

      Oh Madison – girls shouldn’t chase tail LOL – Tell your Mom hello and you ladies enjoy your 4th of July weekend 🙂

  • NormanWilkes
    July 2, 2020

    Brilliant toys! That’s awesome!

    • Cathy Bennett
      July 2, 2020

      Hey Norman – It’s helped Jaxson during this pandemic like you wouldn’t believe. He loves it and I get kick out of watching him as well. Thanks for stopping by, come back soon 🙂