Well December is finally here, so you know what that means…

…some of us must prepare to travel for the Christmas Holiday! Weekends, evenings and in-between commercials we are down in our storage rooms, cellars, and attics, digging for garment bags, and those suitcases on wheels with the pop up handles.

Whether you and your pet have traveled extensively or if this is your maiden voyage together, there are many, many ways to make your journey, both safe, and memorable (in a good way!), with the proper planning.

In our house, whenever I start this “holiday packing ritual” Harley gets a little “antsy.” He stays underfoot and I’m constantly tripping over him.

He gets himself really “wound-up” initially because he can’t figure out if he’s going with us or not. He has been known to exhibit some extremely strange “doodle behavior” while he tries desperately to solve this mystery…


So let me guess: if he got in the suitcase, then I would have to take him!

He generally calms down once he sees me packing his things!

But no matter what your mode of transportation may be this holiday season…


The Boys say “By any means necessary, we’re going too!”

It’s not a bad idea to devise a “travel plan” when pets are part of your entourage…


When I received this infographic on PET TRAVEL 101Powered by Marriott – asking if I wanted to share it with all of you, I thought: Absodoodletutely! After all, who can’t use some practical pet travel tips?….


Hope this was either helpful to some and at least a reminder to others.

And just so you know – I am not being compensated by Marriott in any way for this blog post. Just sharing information that I believe to be worthy to share to help us all have a safe and wonderful holiday season while traveling with our four legged loved ones.

Thanks so much for reading, for me and countless others – today has been a rather sorrowful day…

Doodle love

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