PET TECH ROUND-UP… Web Sites, Blogs, Apps & More with Strong Pet Focus for the Pet Parent in You!

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Harley & I are excited to introduce this “PetTech Round Up” 
post as a new regularly contributed column by guest blogger, Mayra Ruiz-McPherson. 
Mayra will share news and fun “tidbits” on a variety of broader topics catering
 to pet parents interested in technology, interesting pet trends, and more!
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Pet parents are lucky to be in a time and era where countless pet-centric products are being launched and introduced into the marketplace constantly. And the fun innovation isn’t limited to physical products, food, beauty and/or health items for dogs and other pets. Today, countless new blogs, sites, and online services are launching regularly to the delight of “geeky” pet parents who live and breathe all things Internet.

Here’s the latest round up of pet-tech stuff that’s cool and of interest:

A new pet product deal site has been launched for pet lovers/pet owners recently. is an e-commerce site designed for pet owners to purchase products and services at “reasonable prices with a portion of each order going to deserving charities.” The site features national deals and local vouchers for pet-friendly businesses in areas such as New York and Los Angeles metro and plans to expand throughout 2012 to a nationwide basis. Signing up is optional and free for membership. Interested in getting social with Dealwagger? Follow them on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook for those wanting to connect further with the newly launched pet deal site.


While this tracking system product has appeal to more than pet parents, it’s worth highlighting here due to its pet angle: Dallas, Texas-based eTrack has launched a patent pending hybrid tracking system that uses Wi-Fi access points, cellular ID and GPS to be certain of accuracy as close as 10 feet of a pet, object, or person and are designed to wear on the ankle, around the neck, or on the wrist. eTrack reports this product can be easily attached to a shoelace, backpack or keyring and is able to be stored in a suitcase or pocket. Want to learn more? Learn more about the product here.


PetHub, Inc., the software company known for introducing Quick Response Codes (“QR Codes”) on pet ID tags, has recently announced — for those who travel abroad with their pets — their technology is now available globally. PetHub’s international digital pet identification tags enable immediate access to a pet’s information via Quick Response code with GPS email notifications, and web profiles for consumers. The tags not only include pet name and phone number, but also information such as alternative emergency contacts, necessary medication, allergies, immunizations, vet and insurance providers, and dietary needs. Learn more here.

Online retailer and manufacturer of residential dog and cat doors, America’s Finest Pet Doors, revealed recently the launch of a new website: Located in San Luis Obispo, the company, has been manufacturing and designing pet doors and parts for over 40 years! Alan Lethers, founder of hopes customers will find the upgraded features and functionality beneficial for the shopping experience.

A resource focused on advice and reviews of pet care providers, retailers, and pet-friendly destinations has recently launched: This new pet-focused review site has been created by two Denver marketing executives, Leila Ahmed and Cristy Gonzalez, who share an animal passion and who believe the time is right to launch this type of niche online review community. Their goal? To create a destination for pet owners to find reliable, aggregated information about pet care and services. Visitors to are able to post unbiased reviews, connect with other pet owners, and find recommendations by location for animal hospitals, animal shelters, veterinarians, pet boarders, pet sitters, groomers, pet supply stores and more. Pet owners can also find and share information about pet-friendly places, like dog parks, and events including animal charity activities. For more information, please visit the site, follow PetAdvocate on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook.

We really hope something read was of interest to someone out there! Check back on Monday, the boys are in a  “contest” (what was I thinking?) and we’d love your vote! Details to come…
Mayra Ruiz-McPherson is an independent digital PR, interactive marketing professional with many years of guest blogging experience. Based in Dulles area of Northern Virginia, Mayra works with a variety of organizations, businesses and individuals to improve the effectiveness of their online communications. To learn more about Mayra, you can visit her on @mayraruiz on Twitter, at / MayraRuiz on Facebook or

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    July 26, 2012

    Congrats on your 100th post!!!

    • Chas
      July 27, 2012

      This should be cool! Looking forward to catching Mayra’s tidbits… Even though I’m puppyless. :0( and as Tiffany said… CONGRATS on the 100! Here’s to 100 more.

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