Am I the only inhabitant on this planet who when placed in a unimaginable situation (in public no less), becomes “mute” and unable to articulate an appropriate response at that precise moment?

Let me explain…

DH found a local Marina which is a true hidden treasure. Visually attractive, close to home, and tucked away making it wonderfully peaceful and inviting. We love to take the Boys there…


On this particular sunny day, as soon as we arrived – I hustled like crazy setting up my camera so I could catch this little fella leaving the dock on the back of a boat…


The entire area is super “pet friendly” HOWEVER (this is important), they have “leash up your pooch” signs posted all over the grounds. When we go, we generally pack bottles of water, maybe a snack, “Wilson” (of course) and occasionally Lee’s kite!


I find spending time with my family and taking photos of Harley & Leo, two of my favorite things to do. They are such posers…


And believe it or not a lot of times they will strike a pose all by themselves and look at me as if to say: “Hey Doodle Mom, get this one”


Ambassadors for “four legged love” when they’re with us, we’ll always meet interesting people and engage in fascinating conversations.

It took no time at all for a family to approach us looking for an introduction to the Boys…


This was their first visit to the United States, and with enormous enthusiasm they told me everything they had already seen. Despite a few conjugated verb mishaps, and sentence structure hiccups we were doing just fine.

I’ve learned to speak “Doodle” it’s the universal language…


The children played with Leo and took Harley for short little walks, while we talked to the adults and listened to where they’d been and how much they were “loving America.”



A woman was walking in the direction of our little “private party” with her dog, but he was yards ahead of her and not on a leash!

Harley noticed the dog first and that’s what alerted us to look in the same direction. I glanced at DH and he gave me the “be cool” look, so I did (or at least I tried).

I know EVERYBODY doesn’t always obey EVERY rule EVER posted. I certainly have broken my share. But as her dog got closer and closer to us, you would have thought she would have either:

A – Called for her dog

B – Yelled for her dog

C – Caught up to her dog


Instead she took on the role of “bystander taking a stroll” pretending not to even know this dog. After the initial sniff and greet between Harley and said “dog”, the growling, snarling and snapping began. With the young boy still holding Harley’s leash his mother looked a little concerned, so DH stepped in and removed Harley from his position.  It was then that we witnessed the unimaginable. The dog walked over to the bench where we had our belongings, and preceded to “urinate” all over the area to include Lee’s kite!…


There were “just no words” – at least from me. I was speechless, I watched in horror, bewitched by this inconceivable instant. It never even registered that I was still taking pictures!

DH snapped me back when he yelled “HEY – HEY – HEY.” Dog didn’t seem phased at all, he finished doing his business and slowly walked away.

My new European friend looked at me, bobbing her head in the direction of the owner (who I might add remained on the other side of the field), and managed to utter the one word she seemed to have learned to pronounce properly while visiting my Country…


I looked back at her, slowly nodding my head in response and quietly said, “yes.”

The dog? Oh he walked back to his owner and together they walked away.

Even if she didn’t “witness” the atrocity her dog shared with us, surely she heard our exclaims and call-outs, because we were just that boisterous.

Shortly after the shock wore off, they said their goodbyes, and with our tranquil afternoon “stained” forever (pun intended), we too decided to leave.

DH grabbed the Boys…


And me? I was left behind to carry the peed up kite…

Thanks fur reading, I pray you don’t ever have this experience…

PS: Enjoy your Labor Day and remember :SEPTEMBER is NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS MONTH


  • Kathy
    September 2, 2013

    Shame on that pup.

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 3, 2013

      Shame on the pups parents! He doesn’t know any better.

  • Jen@MyBrownNewfies
    September 2, 2013

    Oh! That is just horrible! It sounds like you were having such a wonderful day and then total rudeness happened! You controlled yourself a lot better than I would of towards the owner of that dog!

    Gorgeous pictures!

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 3, 2013

      Hi Jen – It was a great day, and to be honest by the time we got home (and I threw away the kite bag), all was pretty much forgotten. Thanks for reading.

  • Lonnie Shapiro
    September 3, 2013

    I have a few words to say: 1. The little dog on the boat. He should have a life jacket on, right? I don’t know the rules, but we were in Seattle a few years ago and a dog was on a boat just like that and fell off and it was not good:) 2. I love all (well maybe not one) your pictures of the boys especially the one of them on the wall. They stood there so nice and proud. 3. It was very nice that the visitors got to play with the boys! 4. Rude woman to let her dog spoil the “moment”! 5. I would have been speechless too Cathy! Ok, that’s it, over and out! LOL

    Read more here: http://www.doodlekisses.com/profiles/blogs/lost-for-words#ixzz2dn8z39SN

  • Cathy Bennett
    September 3, 2013

    Lonnie _ I ruv your candor! And I love you

  • Tiffany
    September 4, 2013

    Shame on that pup’s parent. How awful 🙁

  • Cathy Bennett
    September 12, 2013

    I’ve got two words that would pretty much sum it up Tiffany: Home training!
    Thanks for reading

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