With two (or was it three) consecutive days of bad weather last week, we were literally inside the house 90% of the time. Without our knowledge or consent cabin fever seemed to move in with us. Harley was stealing socks, and tearing up fabric sheets before I could get them in the dryer. Leo was jumping up on my back biting and tugging on my sweater sleeves (don’t ask – I don’t know why either).

It dawned on me the other day (as I searched hours for a “stolen” slipper), that they hadn’t been to Olde Towne Pet Resort since “before” Thanksgiving. Once November arrived, we’ve been on the go – running errands, hanging out with family, or most recently at home getting ready for Christmas. It never dawned on me that Harley & Leo had been MIA from their usual  “hang-out.” Harley and Leo are like Norm and Cliff of the popular television sitcom, “Cheers.” Everybody knows their names. 

So I told DH, “Tomorrow I’m taking them to day camp, they need some dog on dog time.”

Who knew that dogs could miss a place (and people) almost as much as we humans do?

I’m so tickled I keep my phone with me because the photos I captured were priceless!

When I parked the “doodle-mobile” and opened up the back, they were more than ready to get out…

IMG_5083 copy

They were in a happy state of shock when they realized where they were

As soon as we walked in the door, the love fest was “on!” I hadn’t realized how much they missed being there and how much the staff missed seeing them. I felt like the “bad doodle- mom.”

There were multiple hugs, barks, licks and kisses shared that morning….

IMG_5100 copy

Just a few of The Boys furvorite anipals

What a blessing for us to have a “home away from home” where people are so dedicated and genuinely love Harley & Leo so much.

From the bottom of my heart I wish the happiest of holidays to the entire OTPR staff.

  • The groomers who take such pride in a simple shampoo and blow dry. You all are the best…
DSCN4000 copy

We call them the Doodle Grooming Dream Team

PP2 copy

This is one of Harley’s all time BFF’s

  • The saints at the front desk who are never weary with the gazillion questions and demands from us crazy pet parents…
DSCN3988 copy

These folks were born to adore animals.

  • The camp counselors who mimic the “energizer bunnies” running around for hours with the pups…
DSCN5459 copy

I watch them on the video cams – they never stop playing with the pups

  • Those that I never see who work in dog/cat boarding, admin/scheduling staff, training, swimming, etc…
IMG_2571 copy

Harley is just a trip!

You will never know what a comfort you are to those of us who leave such precious cargo in your hands. You make the separation (if only for a few hours) bearable, and you are greatly appreciated for it…

Have a great week everybody. Take advantage of this holiday season and tell someone they are appreciated, it feels good when you do it!


  • Kimberly Gauthier
    December 17, 2013

    I wish I had socialized our dogs with places like this; we didn’t have many in the beginning and the ones we had made me nervous. Now they’re more common place and I worry that our dogs would make trouble, because they get overwhelmed with too much dog on dog time.

    Love the pictures (as you know).

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 19, 2013

      I know exactly what your talking about Kim. At first I had anxiety about leaving Harley at pet facilities. But it was the warmth of the staff and the openness of the resort, that did it for me. They showed me everything on the first tour, which made me feel very comfortable. Stick with your intuition, you can’t go wrong, but I’m sure there’s a place near you that is just pawfect for your guys.

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