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Recently we’ve received a few emails asking for an Ollie Dog Food update, so not to disappoint – here’s our tongue licking story….

For you to appreciate where we are now requires you to know from whence we’ve come. #Ithinkthstshowitgoes

Before switching to Ollie dog food, Harley’s had three diet changes in his eleven years – 

  • Acana
  • The Honest Kitchen
  • Ziwi Peak

He started on Acana (kibble) in 2008 because the Doodle Doc said it was one of the best, and she fed it to her dogs.

We switched to The Honest Kitchen (dehydrated) in 2012 because through blogging I began researching and questioning almost everything. One of those “everything’s” was of course kibble – 

  • What was it? 
  • How did they get everything they needed into this little pellet?
  • Was it giving him all the nutritions he needed?
  • Was everything he needed in every pellet?

By early 2016 I’d heard of Ziwi Peak, did my fair share of investigative reporting and decided at 98% pure protein – this was the closest I could get to raw feeding. That and the fact that I started to get concerned about the variance of consistency with mixing the Honest Kitchen’s powdered substance together. Harley was also getting bored and often required spoon feeding. #yepIdidthat

Ziwi Peak was great, but because of its high protein content, our new Doodle Doc wanted fiber from fresh steamed veggies added to their diet. That was cool until I found out about Ollie


Not only does Ollie have high protein content, it’s balanced with the correct amount of fiber and fruit. And there’s something to be said about “freshness.” We certainly appreciate it when we sit down for a meal. 

Every single packet I’ve opened thus far, shows me actual food pieces I can identify…

The Boys are eating the Beef recipe that’s been vet-formulated and freshly cooked.

 Their meals are customized according to weight, age, breed, activity level and even allergies for precise portions based on caloric needs.

I adore the easy, fuss-free feeding. Packaging, sturdy container and scoop make meal prep a breeze. 

Meals are delivered every two weeks. Adjusting dates are easy to do either through email or a phone call. Food is shipped on a regular schedule so we always have the right amount.

At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of food that was delivered. Looking back on it, I wasn’t prepared. Now when the food arrives, there’s a separate section in our freezer and a shelf in the fridge that belongs to them. #easypeasy 


There’s minimal processing with Ollie. No artificial flavors, no fillers and all human grade food. 

The Boys coats are gorgeous #ifIdosaysomyself

It’s been five months now and even I can see the difference. Jaxson’s hair feels a little thicker, definitely looks a lot shiner and feels divine.

Harley’s hair has always had more of a cotton ball texture, but even with his environmental allergies, his skin has never looked better. I do a great deal of “spot” exams looking for hot spots, bumps, etc… and I haven’t seen any. 

The groomer has commented that the flakiness is gone, while the vet likes the texture of his skin.

As far as his allergies go, I am not going to tell you they’ve vanished. Harley’s allergies are environmental, they flare up when it’s damp, springtime and fall. He (and even myself) are victims of our region. But since he’s been on Ollie, the flare ups have not resulted in additional medication, hot spots, skin infections or irritation.

On the 25th of this month, Harley will celebrate his eleventh birthday! What a blessing! It is amazing to watch his energy level. He will work with patients at the hospital all day, come home and romp with Jaxson before and after his dinner walk.

His blood work came back with numbers both the vet and I were proud of. Harley is living his best life and I can’t help but believe Ollie has played a significant role in his overall health. 

Look at him, he still looks like a teenager…


If you think you might want to give Ollie a try, then don’t miss our blog post next week in preparation for Black Friday. 

The crew at Ollie headquarters are cooking up something special and as soon as I know – you’ll know…

It’s Monday – put on your positive pants and get it done ❤️

  • Madison
    November 18, 2019

    Glad it is working so well for you. Mom gets tired of making our meals sometimes, but with three of us and the cost factor, the pre made meals are still a bit too expensive. She did check out Ollie after your first post. We do agree that kibble is out, and natural food one can recognize that is healthy is in. Mom sees a difference in us too since we switched to adding protein to the mix we now use. Bone Appetit!

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 2, 2019

      I will be the first to tell you – the more dogs you have and the larger the dog the more it costs to try and feed fresh. I think adding the protein in the mix is also a healthier way to eat. I agree with your mom kibble is definitely not coming back into this house. Bone Appetit to you three gorgeous gals too!

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    November 18, 2019

    Bravo-good news. Glad to hear the Ollie food continues doing your boys a solid.

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 2, 2019

      Yep! So far these past 5.5 months are still looking favorable in the food department!

  • Jan K
    November 21, 2019

    Harley looks wonderful!! ♥
    I believe that fresh food can make all the difference. We’ve been pretty happy with The Farmer’s Dog but Ollie seems like equal quality, so we might be giving them a try. I believe in not putting all our eggs in one basket. 🙂

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 2, 2019

      So far this has been the best move I could have ever made – food wise. I’m not disappointed with what they were eating in the past. At that time, that was the best I could do. But with Ollie, I know everything is calculated correctly and it’s balanced. Let me know when you try it 🙂

  • blo
    November 25, 2019


    • Cathy Bennett
      December 2, 2019

      Yes it is!