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Not another dog bed

Those were the words coming out of my husbands mouth as he dragged two busted up UPS boxes over the threshold of our front door.

I said nothing and only smiled sheepishly like a school girl hoping that would suffice for the moment. The truth of the matter is – my reasoning for purchasing it sounded stupid even in my head.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many dog beds to choose from? Are they really necessary?

Not my house – but could easily be my house


Apparently there are differences of opinion by the internet experts. Some say dogs – 

  • need beds just like we do
  • can sleep just fine of hard flooring 
  • are less apt to experience anxiety
  • health is improved with deeper slumbers

And the list goes on and on…


Too many!!!!! #ifyouaskme

There are 5 different types of dog beds #tomyknowledge

  • Bolster 
  • Pillow
  • Elevated
  • Orthopedic
  • Tent

They range in various sizes as well as prices. Finding decent beds for large dogs without taking out a small loan is a full-time job. Some of these prices are outrageous. #atleasttome


If I can be brutally honest here – choosing the right bed is hell because the photos and size charts are all wrong when looking online. In person stores just don’t carry enough to choose from, which is why I find myself at the mercy of the internet. 

Over the last 6 or 7 years I have been on a dog bed roller coaster literally dying to get off of.

Here’s what they were sleeping on…

I bought the bottom orthopedic foam (is there really such a thing?) from Chewy and then thought they would enjoy something fluffy on top from a local store. After about two years of regular washing – fluffy lost its fluff and needed to go! 

Harley was fine with the square foam orthopedic pad, but Jaxson was not. During some odd hour before dawn, he’d relocate and I would wake up to this…

Unlike you and I – a dog can only tell you if you’ve knocked it out of the park with your latest bed selection after he’s slept in it for a while. If you didn’t make the correct choice – well you’re sort of up that preverbal creek without the paddle, because generally – 

you can’t send it back!


The voice inside my mind has convinced me that the universe will fall off its axis if I EVER bought only one of something for them.

You may recall last year, Jaxson aided a family with canine therapy as they said goodbye to their son, brother and fiancé who’d tragically took his own life and as an organ donor was about to save many. The medical staff – so grateful for the days that Jax stayed with this family through this difficult journey – sent him this donut shaped bed in appreciation…

That was when I realized Jaxson loved to sleep curled up – nice and tight.

Harley quickly pulled rank – commandeered the thing, forcing Jax to find refuge elsewhere…

This time I decided to try something different. I found a huge pillow bed that I just knew Jax would love. Like a thief in the night, Harley transitioned to the pillow bed from the stolen donut so fast it was shameful to watch…

And just like that – Jax was (one again) evicted like a non paying tenant. For months he treated the donut bed like tainted goods. He’d lay beside it – but refused to get in it.

I finally purchased another pillow bed and he was thrilled…


Our total bed collection consisted of –

  • one donut shaped bed in Lee’s office
  • two pillow beds in my office
  • two orthopedic pads in their doggie sleep suite (located in our bedroom)

Naps, deep slumbers and hanging out during the day are fantastic. Nights on the pads however, were becoming interrupted regularly. Mostly with Harley, he was restless and rarely slept anywhere through the night. 

I did some reading and realized at his age (13 evolutions around the fire hydrant), he needed extra support to ease his achy joints and pressure points. #Icandefinitelyrelate

I stumbled across a bolstered type couch bed, with therapeutic memory foam cushions designed specifically to relieve those joints and pressure points!…

The design is outstanding. It reminds me of an amphitheater. #canyouseetheorchestra

While it offers the high walls of a bolstered bed, it has an opening to allow senior dogs the ability to enter and exit without a struggle. #gamechanger

It’s – 

  • soft
  • easy to clean
  • durable
  • and looks super comfy.

At $54.99 for the XL, I threw down my debit card like a poker player with a royal flush and purchased two! #yesIdid

Both Boys love them…

It would be a lie if I told you they stay in there from dusk to dawn, but the majority of the night all we here is light snoring.

While I never intended to make this another blog post about the 10 best dog beds to buy, I just want to know I am not alone out here. So…how many dog beds do you have in your home?

Every dog deserves a great bed ❤️

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  • Cheryl
    April 10, 2022

    Cody has no dog beds. As our grand dog, I was ready and willing to buy him whatever he might need or want. However, he destroys beds, it has something to do with him thinking they are just big stuffies, I guess. He destroys stuffies with in hours. Since he is allowed on anything he wants at our home and his own, he doesn’t seem to need a bed.
    However he’s getting older, so at some point we’ll all have to revisit this matter.

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 13, 2022

      I stopped buying stuffed toys because of that same reason when Jax was a puppy. Harley and Leo would treat them so well, and Jax acted like he needed therapy when he saw one. But by the time he turned about 4 – he stopped trying to kill them.

  • Madison
    April 11, 2022

    We have lots of beds, different kinds, and scattered around the house so there is always a comfy spot for us if we decide to sleep for a bit. At night we sleep with Mom, so no beds upstairs. Since we dogs spend a lot of time snoozing, good beds are important.

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 13, 2022

      Good beds are important – I just struggle with which is the right one! Take care ladies…

  • Mom to 6 Fur Angels
    April 11, 2022

    We have fewer dog beds now than we did last week. I took Ducky’s two smaller beds to the shelter…I just couldn’t look at them any more without breaking down every five minutes. If at some point I adopt another dog her size, I’ll buy new beds. I still have the larger beds…they’re too expensive to replace, so I’ll buy new covers for them if and when I have to.

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 13, 2022

      oh how my heart aches along with yours. We threw Leo’s bed out and it was from Orvis – really expensive and had a life time guarantee. We got rid of it because his name was embroidered on it and I couldn’t – I just couldn’t look at it anymore. So I get you…. Hugs XOXO

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    April 12, 2022

    The number of assorted beds throughout the house is embarrassing. Four in the living room alone! Gah.

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 13, 2022

      I feel you! But this is how I justified my behavior with Lee. I asked him to look around at all the places he has to choose from when he walks into a room. That seemed to have worked LOL I don’t care how many I have – I just want to have the right ones! Thats what drives me crazy. Good to hear from you! Stay well.

  • Debbie Matos
    April 13, 2022

    Oh my gosh we must be sisters with different moms- certainly soul mates.
    My husband just gives this “ your are out of your mind” look- and I just kind of hunch my showers with this sheepish look. I don’t know what to say/ 2 beds in the tv room, one big ol bed in dining room( Savannah will be under the table hoping for a snack, one upstairs. Crazy mr. We have Christmas beds, spring beds winter beds.
    I love your articles- you have a wonderful gift. Easter blessings