The boys have daily hygiene routines, that began when Harley was a pup, and it’s carried over to both he and Leo. I honestly believe I started doing this because my husband is such a “neat freak” (sorry honey – but it’s true). We are blessed with weekly cleaning help that comes on Friday, but because of him – Thursday evenings are devoted to cleaning BEFORE they arrive!

Anyway… back to the boys!

When the two legged creatures come in from outdoors it is customary that we exchange our “outdoor shoes” for our “indoor shoes.” Makes sense to us, why track all the grime and nastiness from the great outdoors into your bedroom carpet, kitchen area, etc… Well, the boys have a routine too!

When they come in from a romp outside, they immediately go to the mud room so I can wipe off their paws with a wet wipe, before they go running through the house. This seems to work, the floors aren’t that dirty from week to week, my husband is thrilled (especially when they jump in his recliner) and the boys enjoy the constant remedial training: “right paw” now “left paw”, “turn” (yes, we have commands).

Brushing and coat treatments are also a daily ritual (hey, we like to keep them clean and neat), one day when I finished with Harley, Leo jumped on the couch and when he saw me with his brush, motioning for him to get down, he sat back and raised his paw, and looked at me as if to say “I’m ready.” I started to brush his arm and he leaned back even further and actually stayed like that until I was finished. Check him out….








Just so you know this was the last spa treatment given…..

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