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A few years ago at Home Depot, I met “Alex.” He was just a “little thing”, and when I tried to speak to him – he seemed afraid. I guess my “bark” was worse than I thought!















I would see him around from time to time but he never really got that close to me. He always managed to keep his distance. His mom liked me – but not Alex!

Normally, I have no problems making friends with the “shorter humans” affectionately called “children”

And even the “itty- bitty” ones enjoy my company…











So can you imagine how excited I was when my “daddy” parent took Leo and I to an outing the other weekend and guess who we saw? ALEX!  He was much taller, a little older, and he wasn’t afraid of me anymore!














He introduced Leo and I to a few of his friends…














And Alex even spent “quality” time with Leo…



















That was one of the best DOODLE days ever!













Who would have thought blogging with “paws” could be tedious work? – it takes a lot out of a Doodle…. Someone wake me when it’s time to go to camp!

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