This week I would love to listen to you!

I’m asking to hear your “stories” and “woe’s” about the crazy weather in your region and how – if any – your dog is affected.

  • Is the weather affecting his mood?
  • Is it causing a change in his eating habits?
  • How about allergies, asthma, joint pain?

Living on the East Coast we typically would have already experienced at least one strong snowstorm, a few “blizzard” type wintery days, and at least one or two icy rain storms. But this year – we have witnessed absolutely NO signs of winter at all.

It’s like winter got laid-off, like there was a reduction in force and “winter” was the season that lost its job!

Remember those “sexy” snow suits (Wardrobe Malfunction Blog – January 23, 2011)?

I have YET to take the tags off… Now I know what some of you are thinking – “angels from above have eliminated snow in this area just so the boys won’t have to wear those suits!”

We know that the barometric pressure can have an affect on humans. And we know dogs have the ability to detect changes in barometric pressure that humans cannot.

But I’m beginning to think this meteorological “mix-up” is having a direct affect on my boys…


  • They’ve both grown their winter coats for what was supposed to be a cold season – that hasn’t come.
  • Temperatures have been hovering in the mid-seventies for the past few weeks – Harley wants less to do with outside and he’s sneezing all the time.
  • Leo is shedding like a sheepdog – and doodles “rarely” shed!
  • They are both slow in movement, appetite is not quite what it used to be, and that goes for treats also.
  • Yesterday Leo threw up in the back of the car – that hasn’t happened since he was 6 months old coming home with me for the very first time.

Can’t really find very much info online, so I decided to ask you – “the pet-parents” – if you’ve been experiencing “unusual” behavior from your four legged friends lately….

Please send your experiences and comments back through the blog for all to see, share, and perhaps benefit. I did check with the vet, and she said many of her patients are “out of wack” right now, due to the “unusual weather” we’re having.

Can’t wait to hear from you…

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