Louis Vuitton stores likes dogs. #whoknew We took the boys South, on vacation. Just wanted to get away for a bit. If your dog/pet is part of your family, and you want to travel to a place with the same philosophy, you gotta try Charleston SC. Talk about a “pet friendly” town.

There are so many things to do, and places to go where you can experience true southern hospitality at its best – and never have to leave your four legged family member at the hotel, or locked in the car. The beaches are beautiful and also pet friendly (early in the morning and later in the late afternoon).

Anyway, back to my story (smile), while we were downtown taking a leisure walk, our daughter decided she was “in deed in need” of a special treat so she decided on a Louis Vittion handbag (she did – not me)! If you’ve ever, then you know there aren’t many people in a LV store at one time, so once she went in, she asked if her father and puppies could enter also. As expected, they were welcomed, and were very well behaved I might add.

Folks strolling by stopped, peered through the windows and then started coming in to ask Lee (my husband) if they could take photos with them. I think they thought she was a celebrity because her body guard (all dressed in black) stayed there with her, holding the leashes of her dogs! It was a riot. I caught both Harley and Leo looking at the employee in complete bewilderment when it was time for Tiffany to pay for her purse – talk about outrageous prices.

I caught these shots from the other side of the room, observing the activity like a true bystander or tourist. Again, if you want to get away, with or without dogs, try Charleston, and do go downtown. Who knows you might see the boys walking down King Street!

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