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Laser treatment for dogs has become a more common practice lately. Used for various ailments (on Friday), I witnessed it applied on Jaxson and two days later – I’m a believer in its purpose.   

The Boys have several veterinarians. You might ask why – and to be honest – 

I dunno

It just worked out that way, and I am happy to say – I like it!

One practices holistic, alternative homeopathic, Chinese and of course conventional treatment methods. While the other is a very contemporary science-based conventional vet. The latter is the one I want to tell you about.


You’ve probably seen her in my social media feeds because she is a Veterinarian Professor at the University Hospital where I work. We first met when she developed a three tiered reentry protocol for my therapy dogs during the pandemic. Her and her husband operate a respected veterinarian practice in the community, and she’s been a guest on our podcast Girls with Dogs. But most importantly, she is a wonderful friend, mentor and teacher to me.

On Friday, as fate would have it, we attended a meeting together at the Mayor’s office…

The evening before – I noticed Jax rubbing his right ear with his paw, so I cleaned it good before bed. By morning yeast was evident, meaning he needed medical attention. I showed her his ear at the meeting and she recommended laser treatment. 


Jaxson and I were in her clinic! The ear was red, inflamed, and damp from the yeast…

Yeast infections are common in dogs with floppy ears. Add an environment where allergens are on steroids – #charleston – and you have just entered my world. 

Because  of his therapy work, Jaxson is bathed often. Andy (his groomer) plugs his ears to prevent water from getting in there, and the inside ear hairs are plucked to allow air into that “L” shaped canal preventing everyday moisture from lingering. When you’re dealing with a dog who suffers from environmental allergies, pollen and dust can also be his kryptonite. #superdoodledown

The new treatment plan called – Photobiomodulation (PBM) was explained as I looked over the equipment. But let’s just call it laser treatment for dogs 🙂

Currently there is a vast body of research supporting the effects of PBM – 

For PBM to occur, a therapeutic dose of light is delivered to impaired or dysfunctional tissue, which leads to a cellular response mediated by mitochondrial mechanisms that reduce pain and inflammation and speed healing.

Dr. Paul Johnson


to give this new treatment plan a go, this is how it went down – 

First the ear needed to be cleaned thoroughly and allowed to dry. This took only a few minutes

Next we all rocked goggles to protect our eyes, especially his…

As long as your vet is trained on how to operate the laser, your pup is in no danger, but in the event he suddenly jerked his head reacting to the new device, you want to ere on the side of caution. #Jaxnevermoved

Check out the application – 

YouTube player

Saturday at noon the ear looked like this – 

Still red, but the imflamation was significantly less

Sunday at noon the ear looked like this –

Both the inflammation and redness are gone!

Look at the comparison in 72 hours – 

This really does work!


involves three sessions. We have an appointment Monday afternoon and then again on Wednesday afternoon!

His irritation – albeit never was a continuous display of discomfort – stopped before we arrived home following the appointment. There were no signs of fear (the laser is silent) during the procedure either.

I am super excited about an upcoming podcast episode where we will chat with Julie Ann Lee from Adored Beast Apothecary. Looking forward to discussing the benefits of probiotic supplements with yeasty ear infections. 

If I can incorporate a holistic regiment and get in front of this, I’m all for it. 

According to what I have read, probiotics are filled with good healthy bacteria, which when ingested, fights against harmful bacteria in our dogs gut. 

I will be sure to let you know when it airs – 

I love them and that’s the beginning and end of everything❤️

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    February 20, 2023

    Wow, that’s an amazing transformation. Both my dogs have those adorable floppy ears and seem slightly prone to ear issues. With Norman’s hospital visits and frequent baths, I use lavender essential oil with a carrier oil to keep irritations at a minimum and have found witch hazel does a great job cleaning. Nothing like walking around the dog run, coming into the house and scratching their ears. This routine has made a world of difference but I’m keeping the laser treatment in the arsenal. Just in case. 😉

    P.S. I think there’s a small syntax issue in the first sentence of that section from Dr. Paul Johnson.

  • Suzanne Craig
    February 20, 2023

    The laser is amazing. We have seen remarkable results. We have another patient whose ear canals are almost closed shut. One laser treatment and the canals have opened up due to reduced inflammation. Jaxson’s ears look great! Just after one treatment. Amazing!