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Hey lady grab your dog please!

That sentence had to be repeated before she snapped out of her trance and moved towards her dog…

Let me tell you what happened –

Last week, the weather was unusually warm for January. At around 5:00pm it was still 70 degrees. #beautifulsunsetforming

Our stroll was slow, but Harley felt like prancing so we covered much concrete. As we turned the corner a block from our humble abode, I noticed three women chatting in a circle mid gutter/street with a small dog (approx. 35 lbs.)

The human who belonged to the dog had her back towards me, but as we got closer the other ladies acknowledged my presence at which time the dog certainly started focusing on us.

We were on the sidewalk, so I switched the Boys toward the inside. As we came closer, I actually stopped to get everyone’s attention, and then it happened.


free from his human’s grip with Jaxson in his sight. Now Jaxson – #blesshisheart – doesn’t have many interactions with other dogs. He looked quizzically as this smaller version of himself ran right up to him, growling, teeth showing, about to grab him from under his neck – you get the picture.

As this was happening, the thoughts that ran through my mind – were words of Zoe Holloway The Dreaded Dog Trainer – whom we interviewed on our Podcast…

One of the questions I asked her, was –

How are you supposed to handle an unleashed dog coming to attack your dog?

I remembered all the things she recommended we “don’t do” vs. what she suggested we “should do.” Maybe because of the dog’s smaller size I wasn’t afraid as I put my size 8.5 Ugg boot between he and Jaxson as I hollered to the handler who hadn’t moved an inch –

Hey, lady – grab your dog please!


not quite sure which emotion kept the handler frozen in place, but she sure stood there for what seemed like an eternity. It was long enough, for the dog to realize since he couldn’t get past my foot he would shift his attention to Harley.

Now that’s when it got colorful. Harley’s a snuggler – not a fighter and he’s not about to change professions at this senior stage of his life. With two leashes in one hand I scooped down to try and grab the other dog’s leash. Can’t honestly say what my next plan would have been, but to be honest – dangling him in the air away from Harley until his pet parent came forward seems to come to memory. #sorrynotsorry

I didn’t want to harm the other dog, but in that unexpected moment, I’m trying to juggle a whole lot and I was doing it solo.

We live in a very pet friendly State. We rank 62% in Pet Ownership Statistics by State for 2023 While we didn’t make the top ten States, that’s significant in my mind as being a pretty popular pet friendly place to be a dog mom! That said, I am always waving and smiling at other humans walking their dogs when I am out with mine and I’v’e never had this kind of encounter – but this was going South #nopunintended – fast.


is National Walk Your Dog Month and I’m noticing an increase of posts and comments about children walking dogs alone on social media lately. This graphic does a great job identifying the dogs and children that could possibly go out on an adventure alone (age is always going to be debatable) …

It’s not an uncommon thought that a child could manage a quick spin around the block with the family dog. It may look harmless enough, until you consider ALL of the things that can (and often DO) go wrong.

Full grown adults get pulled down to the ground, or dragged over to squirrels. skateboards and the neighborhood car. They accidentally drop leashes, or watch helplessly as their pup slips their collar. They struggle to control their dog around other dogs. or they panic/freeze when an off-leash dog comes sprinting full-speed towards them. For kids, the stakes are simply exponentially higher.

The Family Dog

My grandson has walked Jaxson with me

…but it will be years before this ever happens without me. Yesterday’s encounter has reinforced that decision #fursure


as Paul Harvey always says…

As I scrambled for the dogs leash, the pet parent woke from her trance, screamed out her dog’s name and ran for him. She scooped her dog up, and stepped back a few feet.

She then said –

He wasn’t going to bite them, he just wanted to play.

For that one second – I chose to keep my lips together and focus instead on my dogs. As I examined Jaxson’s coat to ensure there had been no contact I could hear the exchange between friends –

Friend –

That’s so not like him

Pet Parent –

I know, he did this a few days ago, I don’t understand where this is coming from

Once I confirmed my Boys were not harmed, I glanced at the dog who was still pulling and jumping to get to them as the owner apologized again.

I offered some advice, letting her know this new behavior probably had nothing to do with playing and perhaps being pro active now with some professional training assistance might help vs. later.

My unsolicited advice went over well #not


once said –

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do

This insightful quote is about doing something with what we learn. I am so grateful for our conversation with Zoe Holloway The Dreaded Trainer. Her professional insight and suggestions of what to do in situations like mine yesterday were spot on.

I felt level headed and in control – but then again, it was a small dog #Imnoshero

I wish the other dog well. It was clear the ladies didn’t quite understand my quiet/reserved demeanor of NOT wanting to “chat it up” afterwards – but it’s all good.

My Boys weren’t hurt, I wasn’t traumatized, and I survived something I’d feared for as long as I’ve had Harley.

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of only standing still.

  • Kristin
    January 22, 2023

    If I had a dollar for every time someone yelled out, “Don’t worry, he’s friendly!” as their dog barreled towards us barking and teeth bared, I would be richer than Jeff Bezos. I don’t understand, I really don’t. My new reply to that is, “Mine AREN’T!” because that seems to be the only way for them to wake up and deal with their dog. I love how pet-friendly North Carolina and South Carolina are, but as a frequent walker in both states, I wish that more pet parents would keep control of their dogs and help ensure a more positive experience for everyone.

    Way to handle it so politely and effectively! I hope for the little dog’s sake that his human gets help, because it may not end so well next time.

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    January 23, 2023

    Argh. You may not have wanted to harm the attacking dog…the owner however is another story. With all the millennials and Gen Z’ers in my ‘hood, this is a too frequently played out scenario (what is wrong with people?). I now cross the street whenever I’m approach other dog walkers. With two large dogs (and one who’ll throw down shade with ANYONE who tries to get up in her grill), there’s no need for me to get hurt in the melay.

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