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Are you more popular when you’re walking your dog? Is your dog a magnet to the opposite sex?

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, I wondered how often people find themselves approached more by the opposite sex when they have their dog(s) with them…

Me, the Doods and the DJ

Are your dogs chick or dude magnets?…

Like an Etch A Sketch Magic Drawing Board #hesmagnetic

Periodically I’ve asked my single friends this question and I’m surprised to say, many of them enjoy the extra attention their canine companions attract.


According to many polls (too many to list) many women find it’s much easier to meet someone when there’s a furry friend around.  The presence of a dog typically initiates conversation which makes for a more relaxed and comfortable response.

According to one expert –

Women associate men who either have a dog or show genuine interest in dogs to be much more –

  • Dependable
  • Responsible
  • Understanding

The number one reason men get extra points with the ladies when they are with a dog is that it conveys they know how to love. Pet MD

Second (according to the polls) is if a man has adopted a rescue. #makessense

Interesting enough, the expense of a dog (to some) is similar to driving an expensive car which demonstrates wealth, and some (both genders) find this appealing.

But what about the men?


“If we sit here they might come”

Do men find it easier to approach a woman with a dog?

Does it even matter?…

One study showed a man was more successful with his pick-up lines on the days he had his dog with him. #truestories

In one particular experiment – using the same script each time, a man asked more than 200 women for their telephone numbers.  His success rate was three times as high when he had his dog with him.

Before my son met his wife, he was notorious about taking one of the Boys into the Washington DC area to hang-out

…as an inexperienced dog mom – it took me months to realize he was pimping one of my Dood’s! 

I myself have witnessed the attraction phenomenon when Lee and I take the Boys out. On any given day, I can walk into a store and watch the women gather around him outside like magnets #punintended…


Unfortunately, there does seem to be a stigma associated with the type of dog you have when you are interested in meeting people and need a Wingman Wingdog!

Seems that  – 

  • light colored
  • fluffy hair
  • puppies

– are all categories that draw the most attention. #notfairatall


While a dog may make you more attractive to the opposite sex, compelling research has found this to be more gender-specific. Dogs make men more attractive to women, while men seem more likely to use a dog to attract women.

And since the majority of pet parents associate dogs as members of their family, others interpret this as a sign that family is important to the person on the opposite side of the leash. #tomethatsattractive

If Denzel Washington walked by me and had a dog, would he look more attractive to me?…

OMDog! – photo compliments of Pinterest

Well, that’s a bad example – because Denzel could be walking a squirrel and still be attractive to me! 

But the conclusion I’m okay to live with is simply this – having a dog by your side can certainly kick start any dialog faster (platonic or romantic), and who knows if you’re single it just might smooth a path towards the uncomfortable can I have your number question. 


Back in September, James Jacobson of DogPodCastNetwork joined us on Girls with Dogs to talk about this very same subject – 

  • dating and dogs
  • lack of Dog Dad swag
  • men with dogs

It was a really fun episode – tune in to Episode 6 when you’re walking your pup 

My ValenDOODLEtine drinks from the toilet ❤️

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    February 12, 2022

    Ha, Denzel could be walking an alligator and I’d still be attracted! Norman is an equal opportunity kind of date dog. Alas Elsa, my black Standard Poodle only gets second looks on walks if Norman is occupied but being the pretty girl she is, she manages to get some attention (mostly because she can be fairly insistent to make sure she gets her fair share). When Norman and I do hospital visits, nurses of both sexes are simply drawn to Norman. He has some running down the hallway to greet him.

    • Cathy Bennett
      February 13, 2022

      Hi girl….
      Denzel (in my book) is the real deal – he can walk ANYTHING and I’d follow. LOL Norman’s days at the hospital sound a lot like Jaxson’s – its fun to watch people get so excited about your dog isn’t it?