Earlier this summer I was summoned from my office by our DD who was in the kitchen with the boys. She said “Mom, don’t freak out, but I’ve researched this and Harley & Leo can have some of my ***********as a treat.”

Before I could respond, she continued. “They say for some dogs it’s an acquired taste. They may not like the texture at first, AND they may even seem disinterested in the ***********.”

I had to ask, “if they aren’t going to like them, why are you trying to give it to them?” I mean, that logic made sense to me. Tiffany showed me the article…

  • They should be considered an occasional treat, not a daily supplement
  • Ten *********** or less should be fine
  • Washed, is the best way to give your dog this treat
  • Many owners freeze them as a crunchy treat
  • Make sure they are clean and fresh
  • Are *********** safe for dogs? The answer is basically yes, but only in small amounts.

So I gave my consent, and off she ran to the boys. It took Harley and Leo a while to decide if they liked the ***********, but once they tasted it they were hooked.

This has become a favorite with the entire family (minus Doodle Dad).

As with all foods, should you have any concern about what to feed your dog, please consult with your vet first.

Okay, so have you guessed the treat?
Click here and watch the video – Enjoy!

Thanks for reading…

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