This is not the most pleasant subject, nor my favorite blog topic either, but – definitely one that warrants some attention from everyone with and without a dog….

Tell me if you’ve had the misfortune of witnessing a similar scene:

“I was about to take the boys out for a morning stroll. As I walked past my front door I caught a glimpse of a man with his dog. As I gathered my “dog walking” gear (jacket, leash, soccer ball for Leo, and poop bags), I noticed him again through my foyer window – and I watched as he slowed down in front of my neighbors house.

His dog began to creep up on the neighbors lawn because his owner  allowed him about 100 feet of freedom compliments of his retractable leash. In the middle of their yard, the dog – after twirling around like a spinning top – got into position. He hunched down with that curvature in his back and proceeded to “do his business.” When he was finished, he “strutted” back to the street, while his pet parent tried to “slither” away looking from side to side, praying no one saw him… Well too late! – cause I did! 

Well pinch me with a fork – I was done! I opened my door, surprised myself actually, and didn’t think twice about swinging it wide, yelling – yes I yelled – “Hey, you gonna pick that up?” He was mortified. If he could have wilted away and blended in with one of the azalea bushes in that yard he would have. By the manner in which he sort of acknowledged me and then tried to move forward without really lifting his foot, led me to believe that he probably thought I was going to go away – but “oh no”, I was on a roll. I stood there, hand on hip, and waited for an answer…

After a few uncomfortable seconds, he mumbled something about not having a bag, to which I said, “stay right there – let me get you one.”  I gave him a few bags (one for now – some for later), and as he thanked me, he told me he didn’t like to pick “it” up. REALLY? Can anyone reading this tell me who does? I couldn’t help but chuckle as I told him “ Sorry, you got a dog, so now you got poop.”

Statistics tell us that 40% of Americans do not pick up after their dogs – UGH! We’ve got to do better by educating those that just don’t get it.

  • Don’t allow someone to walk away without picking it up
  • Don’t let them get away with it just because it’s dark outside either
  • For “us” that do, we get a bad rap thanks to those that “don’t”
  • Poop attracts flies and rodents
  • Public parks should get the same respect
  • A large portion of water pollution is caused by animal waste not cleaned up

The “Poop and Scoop” laws across the country all vary from state to state, and are not clearly defined either I might add. So dog owners and dog enthusiasts with no dog – let’s get “deputized”, and save our neighborhoods.

I hereby give you all the authority to yell to the top of your lungs, PICK UP the POOP, the next time you see someone “running from the scene of the crime.”




Thanks for reading …

  • tiffany
    May 10, 2012

    I LOVE the blog!!
    Pick up the Poop movement!!

  • nikki
    May 10, 2012

    I had to read it Kath..the minute you told me! You are so stinking funny! The kids and I thank you a million times over…as we are always barefoot outside~ Never do we think to check for dog poop! You and the boys are the best!!

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