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Oh how I wish our weekend hotspot was some fabulous pet friendly location we discovered that I couldn’t wait to tell you about. But unfortunately that is not the case #bahhumdoodlebug

As I pedaled up to the walkway Friday after work, Lee was edging the front lawn and the Boys were playing on the porch. After getting some quality Doodle love from both boys I noticed this huge bloody area on the right side of  Harley’s shoulder blade…


Horrified I immediately interrogated Lee and he repeatedly pleaded his innocence. He said he had no idea where, when or how this occurred. With all the dried blood surrounding the area it was extremely difficult to determine what this was.

Nothing like a little cool fresh water from the tub to help you see clearer – and after I examined the area, I knew we would be at the vet Saturday morning.


I haven’t see a hotspot in years!

In the distant past I had excellent radar when it came to catching outbreaks early. By applying a little coconut oil on the area twice daily I could stop its progression during its early stage. I had no clue when this one started, and I felt horrible for not noticing.

Anything that irritates the skin and causes a dog to scratch or lick himself can start a hot spot. Hot spots can be caused by allergic reactions, insect, mite or flea bites, poor grooming, underlying ear or skin infections and constant licking and chewing prompted by stress or boredom. Source PetMD

We’ve had an enormous amount of rain for several weeks. I’m talking “go find Noah and his Ark” kind of rain. This, combined with our heat index AND insane humidity creates the pawfect breeding ground for mosquitos. Us humans have been battling their nasty stings daily, so pawhaps one bit Harley.


Cheese toast, coffee then off to the vet’s office because this hotspot was really irritating him. Even after Friday nights cleaning – overnight he scratched it till it bled again.

I love all things natural, but his skin was so raw, I didn’t want infection to set in so I was seeking medical attention on this one.

The vet tech sold me the ointment and said the area would heal much faster if air had direct contact with the skin.


Shave around the lesion area allowing air and ointment to reach the skin.

Thank the Doodle for Seth at Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming!


The more I thought about what the vet tech told me, the more I knew I wasn’t “the one.” If I held the clippers, the chances of Harley looking like a shaved sheep on one side of his body increased significantly. #snipsniphere

Nope I needed professional assistance.

Seth was wonderful! He shaved around the area and I was speechless with how cooperative Harley was…

He even gave Seth kisses afterwards like he healed him or something #yesImjealous …


The ointment has been applied a few times since Saturday. The hotspot is already looking better and seems to be drying rapidly…

Not my original weekend plans, but positive results non the same.


Friday night I watched Harley like a hawk. I wanted to make sure he didn’t go into a scratching frenzy after I cleaned his wound. I re-read chapters of “Raw and Thriving.” I was curious – is there anything I can do differently?

If you’ve ever wanted/needed a “go-to” book on dog health for your shelf – I recommend this one.

Congratulations to Debbie Pennye – she is the winner of our giveaway…



How was your weekend? How do you deal with hotspots?

Show a dog an ounce of love and he’ll be your friend for life ❤️

  • Amanda Taylor
    August 5, 2018

    I’m always amazed how our doodle lives coincide! We’ve been treating Wrigley for a hotspot this week too!! It seemed to come out of nowhere, and we haven’t had one in years either! Alas, he is on the mend now. Glad both our boys are doing better!

    • Cathy Bennett
      August 6, 2018

      Amanda – this one was no joke! I have never seen Harley scratch so much he started bleeding – OMDoodle. The ointment is working well. He hasn’t even tried to mess with it since the first application. How’s Wrigley doing?

  • Shadow's & Ducky's Mom
    August 6, 2018

    Glad to read that Harley is healing! Hot spots are a pain! We’ve had a quiet weekend. I’ve been working on a little project for our vet. And the girls have been enjoying the sunshine after four straight days of rain.

    • Cathy Bennett
      August 6, 2018

      It’s rained so much here, I don’t know what a day without it looks like. The ointment he gave us is phenomenal. He hasn’t bothered since the first application. It’s airing and drying nicely. Will monitor it for the next few days and even though I don’t think he needs anymore applications, I will follow the vet’s instructions and continue for the full 7 days.

  • Emma
    August 6, 2018

    Katie would get one or two every year the last years. Patience was the key. She also learned the no lick command and did well with that. Bailie says not to worry about the shave, it is nothing on Harley. She has her whole back right hip area shaved and will get it shaved again tomorrow for her ultrasound. Fur grows back and it isn’t as bad for us dogs as it is for you humans to look at.

    • Cathy Bennett
      August 6, 2018

      Harley does well with the no lick command also, but Doodle Dad is not that consistent or observant I’m afraid. The ointment is working really well, so I hope to be rid of this after the 7 day application. Thanks Emma!

  • Monika & Sam
    August 6, 2018

    Oh no! Hotspots are NO fun. I make a healing slave with essential oils that works wonders on these kinds of skin maladies-luckily it works on both two and four legged sufferers. Sending oodles of poodles healing thoughts to your sweet boy.

    • Cathy Bennett
      August 6, 2018

      Hi Monika – I would love to know about your essential oils healing salve – especially if it works on hotspots. Harley is responding so well to the ointment. I will continue to use it for the 7 days as recommended by his vet.

  • World Of Animals, Inc.
    August 7, 2018

    We are so happy to see Harley healing up so well. Those Hot spots are really a pain sometimes. We love the photo of you giving Seth some kisses. That was so adorable of you. Hope you are feeling better. Have a wonderful rest of your week.

    • Cathy Bennett
      August 7, 2018

      Thank you so very much! Seth was so willing to help us out that day. I love the customer service this boutique provides. Everyone is always so friendly and accommodating. Thanks for visiting – please come back again soon!

      • World Of Animals, Inc.
        August 8, 2018

        Thank you very much for the reply. We are glad everything is going so well. We will definitely be back again soon. Have a great day.

        • Cathy Bennett
          August 11, 2018

          Harley is doing outstanding! Thanks so much for following up – yes, please come back again soon.

  • Bill
    August 13, 2018

    We went to the beach, I tired putting on a pair of PAWS booties but Charley was just too excited so I said heck with it and let him go… Few days later I noticed him chewing his paw, sure enough he had a little cut on the bottom of the web on his feet. I kept some hotspot spray with antibiotics on it and kept him in a boot outside and a sock inside.. Few days, poof looken good!!! Couple days after that he’s chewing on the other side of his paw and all up and down his foot!!! Come to find out the licking and boot made a good sized mat in between his toes…. UGH!!! Got that shaved out and now he’s doing good..

    This was my first experience with hot spots, lesson learned, use a cone next time 🙂

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