Not sure if it’s a “generation” thing, but as a child growing up – my parents, and grandmother memorized meaningful “phrases” that they would verbally “throw” at my siblings and I at the “oddest times” though they deemed them “appropriate moments.”  Here’s an example: we were no longer interested in eating the rest of our dinner, but when we asked to be excused, we were hit with: “people are starving in China, and you want to waste food? – finish what’s on your plate.”

My grandmother was famous for this one: “never say never.” She didn’t even need to hear the entire conversation, she could be walking through a room, here the last sentence, “I would never...” (fill in the rest with your fondest memories…), and she’d pipe in “never say never, Cathy.” So this blog would have to be in honor of my “Nana.”

Over the years the “boys” have trained me well with some “basic” pet care habits:

  • walks
  • poop patrol
  • grooming

And there are some things I do that have become rather routine (which even surprise ME):

  • wipe their paws when they come in from outside
  • grind up grilled chicken strips for their meals

And if you tried to tell me in 2012 I would:

  • drive dogs to doggie day care
  • treat them to ice cream occasionally
  • write about them and their antics twice a week for other people to enjoy

I would have laughed at you for hours…

But I promise you – when someone once asked me if I brushed their teeth? I not only thought “NO” I smiled, shook my head, and responded with “NEVER HAPPEN – CAPTAIN.” To me, that just seemed like the craziest thing. I’ve always given them GREENIES (that’s a blog all by itself), for tarter control and breath maintenance, but if that’s all I do – over time it’s the equivalent to you using a breath mint instead of Colgate! It’s just not enough!

After speaking with the vet during Harley’s annual check-up. I found this great website that not only explains the obvious about canine tooth care, they also tell you what could happen if you don’t incorporate “dental care” in their regular weekly grooming schedule.

A few weeks ago, convinced that even though the Greenies were doing “their thing” very well – it only makes sense to begin brushing teeth and training them NOW so as they age we won’t be trying to “teach an old dog a new trick.” They ADORE their “one on one” time and they LOVE the “chicken flavored” toothpaste from PETRODEX.

The website You want me to brush my DOG’S teeth? is an easy read and worth clicking on to browse. It gives “step by step” directions WITH pictures (always helps me!), OR you can get a good laugh and look at Leo’s cameo debut on the video (or you can view it from the doodle gallery on the home page). He allowed us to video his “toothbrush time” so he could help others…

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