The entire Christmas season (the whole month of December actually) is a big deal in our house. I simply adore this Holiday. I love to decorate, play the Charlie Brown Christmas CD (loud AND a lot), and even the preparation is a major event. It takes me forever, and I have way too much fun doing it, and Saturday was my day to begin. I was especially eager because the last two years we were out of town with relatives so “neither doodle” has been around the trees (yes I mean plural), twinkling lights, buffalo snow, etc…


While I lifted, dragged, carried, and pushed boxes from the storage room in the basement and staged them in different areas, I somehow lost sight of Leo, and never saw him “disappear.” I had no idea he was not feeling well, and in my excitement about ornaments and stocking hangers, I didn’t see the signs either. My husband went downstairs and yelled back up “hey, somebody got sick down here!” I flew to the stairs, and the odor like to knock me to my knees! Leo pooped EVERYWHERE. Now I must be brutally honest with you – for a fleeting minute (maybe two), I was livid! This was not how I wanted to spend ANY portion of my day. Sensing my dismay, and witnessing my interpretation of “Sybill” as I verbally went through a few personality changes, my husband volunteered to take the boys with him. For the record – I wasn’t impressed! If you want to win my heart dear then stay and help me clean this up! I quickly regrouped – thought about those “potty training for dummies” books and accepted – again – that this was my fault for not catching the signs.

As I twirled in a circle trying to come up with a plan of attack, I remembered a purchase I made not too long ago. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen or heard of the Bissell SpotBot® Pet Cleaner? This is a “carpet cleaning gem.” It grabbed my attention initially because it said you could use it on “any and all stains.” It was designed though to remove pet stains from the bottom up so there’s no smell therefore they are less likely to come back to that location again. So I brought it home to try on a beverage stain in our dining room and was pleased with the results.

On Saturday I some what forgot (during my “moment”) that I had it. Talk about a fabulous gadget. It’s very compact, and just like it advertises, you can literally walk away while it sprays, scrubs and suctions those tough (unmentionable) pet accidents! It’s affordable, easy to use, clean and store. It took a while but it removed Leo’s mess, there was no smell and I got the basement back to it’s original state – whew!

How’s Leo? he’s fine, not sure exactly what caused him to have a case of the “bubblies” but he came back happy and tired with Harley in tow!

How’s the decorating? Still going, but the basement door is closed!

Check back in on Thursday – I’ll have some pics from their afternoon at the “Moose Lodge.”

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