This blog is for all subscribers and readers on the East Coast sitting at home or somewhere safe, waiting out Hurricane Irene. The boys (and I) have been waiting for a 60 second break to go to the bathroom! Leo’s been dressed and sitting by the door for almost 15 minutes. I am sure it’s a bit difficult to understand just what in the heck Leo has on, so let me describe…..

I already had the fleece raincoat from PetSmart, but in this torrential downpour – I needed something for his head. Standing in the garage, surveying the shelves of “stuff” I saw and gabbed one of our Harley Davidson Motorcycle Masks, that we use when we either ride during the winter months and use it for warmth or when we carry it should the forecast threaten rain.

Much to my surprise the mask fit (ha!) and it did the trick. We survived the wind, and his head stayed dry. Harley wasn’t that accommodating (this is why he’s not in the picture!) so his head got wet. We have one more trip to take this evening, we’ll have to rig something for Harley because the wind and rain is really picking up. We pray that each of you are safe, dry and with family and/or friends this evening.

We will blog again soon…

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