When you’ve got projects, work, and doodle/family activities, (or children, cats, etc…) to cram into each day – the days seem to come and go so quickly. At least they do at our house!

Once the sun starts to set on Sunday, and things slow down a bit – I retreat to my office to finalize my thoughts and notes before I post another blog . This Sunday, I couldn’t decide where to begin, because this entire week has been a “blur.”

Then I thought – why not share “a little bit of this and a little bit of that.” Turns out – that was the pawfect solution!

helping doodle dad-1

DH has been on a beautification mission of sorts in our backyard. At my request, he is bordering the flower beds around the patio. Mainly because Leo, Wilson, and mulch can’t seem to stay put when the three are all together. Once 93 lbs tramples between the spider plants and other foliage – the mulch is everywhere.

Since bordering was my idea and Leo was the cause, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we ALL spent “quality” time at Home Depot…


Much to my regret, on Saturday….

doodles missed the parade-1

Our friends at OTPR asked if The Boys could walk with them in the Capital Pride Parade in Washington DC, we would have loved to join them, but schedules just wouldn’t permit. Rocking a Super Hero theme, their pet painted faces shows the pawsome time they had…


Quarterly The Boys and I put out an enewsletter called “Doodle*Licious.”  We’re scheduled for a June issue. Work is distributed evenly – I guess. They provide the material and I supply the labor!

Waiting for doodle*licious-1

So one afternoon, as I tweaked a few things, they lounged on the lawn as if their work was done!


Now for the “weird” story  – even for a doodle…


Over a year ago, I wrote about a drastic change in Harleys coat. Right down the middle of his back his hair started to change. The white fluff began to disappear and a coarse, golden brown, razor straight, grade of hair grew in it’s place…


When it happened I flipped out! I ran to “Doodle Doc” as fast as I could. She had no explanation at all. His skin was fine, the hair (new and old) was healthy, he had no symptoms of any sort, so there was nothing she could recommend I do. Just when I grew accustomed to what I called his “signature” look (which was about 5-6 weeks), it was gone, completely disappeared – vanished. Never to return…


This week, I’m noticing the identical metamorphus with Leo, in the same location…


His skin is healthy, it’s not a rash, and the same golden, coarse, razor straight hair is growing in it’s place. Go figure – I’ll keep you posted.

Wanna keep smiling-1


As usual we had a great time this week, not so much because of what we did, but because we did it together!

Thanks for reading….

  • Auntie Ann
    June 10, 2013

    WOW you guys are truly busy…………
    I hope the “signature” mark doesn’t appear on the other doodle family members.
    I’ll be looking on your backs…ha, ha, ha, ha

    • Cathy Bennett
      June 13, 2013

      I know what you mean, I will make sure to check DH back regularly!! – Thanks for reading!

  • pam
    June 20, 2013

    Doodle dews news is very informative keep up the gret doodle blog info….PAMMIE

    • Cathy Bennett
      June 20, 2013

      We shall – that’s a doodle promise!

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