The Boys “happy meter” has not been as high lately. To be quite honest with you, I’m a little frustrated also – and it’s all because of dog food!

I’ve always wanted to make mealtime in our home a joyous occasion. Eating should be pleasurable, not looked upon as a chore – that’s how I was raised.

I grew up an avid fan of “Leave it to Beaver.”  Bits and pieces of that show stayed with me and later, as a young adult somewhat new to the whole “wife and mother” role, I sincerely wanted to imitate one of its characters when it came to preparing meals for my young family. I worked hard to “mimic” the one and only June Cleaver!

Remember June? In the kitchen with that impeccable hair-do, make-up done to perfection, and always, always wearing that “ginormous” satisfied smile on her face?…
True confessions: When our children were younger, and we moved about (on average) every 36-45 months as an Army family, I wanted nothing more than to adopt that June Cleaver style when it came to meal preparation. Didn’t go as far as heels, make-up and the ruffled half moon apron, but I prided myself on giving my family the most entertaining and well balanced palate experiences I could muster on our budget.

I’ve incorporated this same philosophy when fixing doodle bowls for Harley & Leo…
Dry food, with all the right ingredients, a teaspoon of ground chicken for that extra helping of protein, and a teaspoon of “melted” organic virgin coconut oil for their digestive system, coat and skin.

When the sun starts to set and meal time approaches, it’s Harley who will raise his paw to my leg to initiate dialog like: “Hey Mom? it’s getting close to that time, why don’t we go on downstairs. I’ll keep you company while you put everything together.”
I can always count on him to keep me on schedule! He will cop a squat somewhere close and wait patiently as I get out the three ingredients necessary for his meal…
Leo prefers to wait upstairs, either lounging on our bed…
or at the head of the stairs until he’s called…
It’s as if he’d rather wait rather than watch me work!…
Recently, for the THIRD time, their food has been recalled for one reason or another. How “doodle-diculous!” is that? I really try hard to keep up with “what to feed” and “what not to feed.” For me, that is “always the question!”

I confer with their vet, I read as much as I can, I try to incorporate into their diet, the right amount of protein, along with some veggies, plus fruit, and make sure to stay away from all the things that could potentially become a problem for them either now or later. But even after all of that, let’s be real about it, the dog food, in whatever form you choose (wet or dry) is important. When it is not prepared, packaged, or stored correctly by the manufacture, and recalled back to the warehouse, pet families are forced to adapt. Here’s what happens (too often) in my house. I’ve got to:

  • Contact the Pet Store to find out if the food I have was included in the recall
  • Call the Vet to discuss the right alternative for the boys
  • Start the new regiment weening away from the old and introducing the new
  • Have plenty of patience, as the stomach adjusts to the new food
  • Pray and cross your fingers that “we like” the new food
  • Pray again (this time harder) that this brand will not be recalled anytime soon or ever.

This go round, Harley fared much better than Leo. For the first couple of days when it was all new food, Leo would walk by it a few times like this…
…as if he had to muster up some enthusiasm to eat.

On day three I had to have an office meeting with Harley to explain that I didn’t “switch” foods on him “just because”
It’s gotten a bit better, we’re on day six now and I feel more like my girl “June” again, they’re both eating with vigor…
I don’t understand why this has to keep happening, but I for one am grateful to organizations like TRUTH ABOUT PET FOOD (thank you so much Susan Thixton), and all the other concerned groups out there (DOODLE KISSES FOOD GROUP!). What valuable resources to teach, educate and share information to pet parents and prevent incidents which could potentially cause great harm to our furry family furr-ends.

Here’s a question from one pet parent (me) – as consumers what can we do to heighten the awareness BEFORE the food goes on the shelves for sale. If it’s not right for consumption, let’s not put it out there! Please feel free to share your knowledge, voice your opinion, leave a comment….

I’m not ready to “make” my boys food but I do plan to “doodle dabble” a little (and I mean a little) this spring and summer with “not too complicated” cool homemade treats for The Boys. Look for my crazy video coming soon with my Jr. Chef helpers.

But until then, love life, hug your pet and when preparing their food, shout “VIVA LA JUNE CLEAVER”

Thanks for reading…

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