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As soon as our kitchen renovations were over, I began my hunt for new dog food dishes.

I wanted to purchase something that blends with the new decor and during my search I came across a three bowl dog dish that I thought would be perfect…


Recently three bowl dishes have peaked my interest because over the years I’ve watched the Boys share water bowls. Harley seems to prefer drinking from Jaxson’s bowl. Jaxson doesn’t mind diving into Harley’s bowl either. So why not just reduce the water bowl down to one?

The particular three bowled dish that matches my decor and wallet happens to be elevated.

Which got me thinking – what are the real pros and cons of the elevated dog dish?


Like many topics surrounding the best ————- (fill in the blank) for our dogs, there’s plenty of opinions about the elevated dog dish.

Leo’s legs never seemed to stop stretching. Every other day he was taller and farther away from his bowl. With his bowl on the floor, he’d lower his head to reach the dish and almost vacuum suck up his food. #giraffeadoodle

He was the primary reason I looked into and purchased elevated dishes. I was concerned with common online discussions about large dogs, bloating and digestive issues.

But is there any scientific proof that elevated dog dishes will eliminate those problems? Or does it just make the uneasy pet parent feel better because their dog no longer stretches his neck to the ground for food?

One article’s defense was that dogs in the wild didn’t have elevated dishes. True, but when I see wild “anything” on television eating raw caucuses they’re “laying down” while they “get down” with their kill. #mytakeaway


My first purchase of elevated dishes was based on height.

Harley’s dish is 12 inches high…


Jaxson inherited Leo’s dish which is 18 inches high…


The 6 inch difference never seemed to be an issue for either.

It’s been close to six years since I got caught up in the whole elevated dog dish phenomena. Of all the pros and cons out there, I know what won’t happen.

With elevated dog bowl dishes –

  1. They can’t make the bowls “break dance” all around the kitchen floor when they eat.
  2. Harley can’t bring me his bowl as a visual hint when he thinks he needs to eat.
  3. Jax cannot raise his paw and try to smack the water bubbles! He’s done it before when we’re traveling because their “away from home” dining set isn’t elevated!


Bloating isn’t a concern for Goldendoodles, but years ago when I consulted their Doodle Doc about an elevated dog dish, she felt there were tremendous benefits in potentially alleviating strains in both their necks and spine. 

This is all they’ve ever known, and we’ve never had any problems, so I ordered the dish!

if you’ve ever wondered if you should make the switch to an elevated dog dish, speak with your veterinarian first and solicit his advice. Tell him your concerns and the reasons you’d like to switch.

Now that I’ve found the new bowl to place their food in, I’ll focus on more of the right snacks to place inside!

Bow Wow Apetit!

Tomorrow throw kinds around like confetti ❤️

  • Shadow's & Ducky's Mom
    September 25, 2018

    Ah, elevated food bowls. When you have a dog like my Shadow, elevated bowls are both wonderful and frustrating for more reasons than I can recount. So I’ll suffice it to say that sometimes she’ll eat out of it and sometimes she won’t. Ducky eats out of a slow-feed bowl that doesn’t fit in an elevated stand. But she’s short enough that I don’t have to worry about it anyway.

    LOVE your new kitchen!! And how the dogs’ dish fits into the decor so perfectly!

  • Emma
    September 25, 2018

    We have “community” water bowls around the house. Even the cats prefer the dog water bowl, so their cat water bowl disappeared ages ago. Mom likes to have water for us in several places so we are sure to drink enough. Being short, we have never thought much about elevated bowls, but do think they are nice for taller dogs.

  • All Things Collie
    September 25, 2018

    We have never done elevated dog bowls, because of the negative things we read. (Which were largely anecdotal) But our girls never seem to mind, and our Ryder just lies down next to the bowl to eat. I’m not sure if it’s because a) he’s larger than the girls, b) his long fur gets into his food if he is standing, or c) he’s just a mellow, laid back fellow so he just relaxes while he eats!

  • Jan K
    September 25, 2018

    We started using elevated dishes for our golden retrievers, and I’ve been hooked on them ever since. It just looks to me like taller dogs are more comfortable eating out of them. Luke has an elevated food dish, though we use a fountain for water so it’s not elevated. The fountain encourages him to drink more so we stick with that, though he does have an elevated water dish at the other end of the house.
    I was surprised the first time I read something that was anti-elevated dishes! It seems no matter what you do, someone on the internet will tell you not to. I’ve learned to make my own judgments now, while considering the facts.
    By the way, I saw your new kitchen on FB – it is SO gorgeous!! You definitely need special dishes for that space. 🙂

  • Monika & Sam
    September 29, 2018

    Hmm, you’ve got me thinking about an elevated bowl now!

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