DEFCON – we’ve all heard this term used before. More commonly in those war, or sci-fi movies. The scene where you have members from the different branches of the military all sitting (or standing) around a crowded table looking both angry and frightened while someone either talks to the “President” on that huge “red” phone or they’re standing there staring at it waiting for it to ring.

Clarified officially: A “defense readiness condition” (DEFCON) is described as “an alert posture used by the United States Armed Forces, developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It prescribes five graduated levels of readiness for the military.”

Look at the Military’s breakdown:

DEFCON 5    Normal Readiness
DEFCON 4    Above normal Readiness
DEFCON 3    Medium Readiness
DEFCON 2    War Readiness
DEFCON 1    Maximum Readiness

Now let me share with you the readiness levels in our home with my boys and their GREENIES…

When Harley was very little, “puppy breath” was cute, however, just like “puppy life” doesn’t last forever – neither does the sweet adorable smell of a puppy panting in your face.

The first time the “adult” Harley breathed on me, I literally fell out! Seriously- I was squatting, he came up in my face and one “whiff” knocked me down! My concern took me on a journey to many websites, as well as conversations with other “pet parents.” During a routine visit to the vet I inquired about overall oral hygiene: his teeth, gums, etc… I even tried over a dozen different bones, food toys, treats, and breath sprays, but nothing helped – UGH!

So, just when I thought I would have to endure this forever – and accept the fact that every time I wanted to snuggle with him I would have to train myself to hold my breath… I stumbled onto the “miracle of a lifetime” for a dogs breath and more importantly teeth care – I found GREENIES.

If you can relate to any of this, then fret no more! GREENIES can be your “Dental Angel” also. You’ve gotta take a minute and visit their website and read about “Board certified veterinary nutritionist and other experts developed the first tooth-brush shaped dental chew.” They also created “pill pockets” but that’s a “whole-nother” story!

Bad breath, plaque and tartar, these are the enemies, and GREENIES are our military defense. Every evening in our house, “same doodle time, same doodle ritual”, if you don’t start moving towards the Greenie jar, the “Commander” (Colonel Harley) alerts his 2nd in command “Major Leo” to “prepare for battle” because the levels of readiness in this house are about to change. It is as if they can tell time. I used to think Harley waited for the sun to go down, but that proved false as we adjusted the clocks each year for “daylight savings time.” He knows and understands “greenie time.”

Here’s our “readiness” breakdown when it comes to disbursement of “GREENIES”:

DEFCON 5    Normal Readiness (it isn’t time for the GREENIES yet)
DEFCON 4    Above normal Readiness (It’s getting close to 6pm, and they are both watching your every move)
DEFCON 3    Medium Readiness (They both are relentless with trying to get your attention)
DEFCON 2    War Readiness (The pacing increases and the anxiety levels are off the chart)
DEFCON 1    Maximum Readiness (Leo’s barking, and Harley tries  scratch a hole in your pant leg with his paw)

If your wondering what would happen if I ran out – I don’t know, I’m “scared witless” thinking about it actually. Only once did I look in the Greenie bag, and realize I was “one” short. I took that baby into the laundry room, shut the door and cut it in half!  They each ate their half, and for the rest of the evening they were a little stand offish…

Similar to human consumption, I believe diet plays a major role in any living creatures breath. Think about it, what comes out is merely a reflection of what you put in there- right? For the boys, their diet of Advoderm, ground chicken and coconut oil, topped off with a Greenie for dessert every night does the trick. Tiffanys occasional “teeth brushing parties” help too. Now we can enjoy endless hours “all-up” in each others faces without me passing out – YEA!

And in my house, GREENIES make the best training treat. I get 200% “undivided” attention (100% each) whenever we use the word…

As always – please check with your vet before making a change with ANY thing you feed/give  your dog. GREENIES are available in various sizes (designed for weight) as well as  for those “senior” pups.

Thanks GREENIES, for the perfect answer to a beautiful smile, strong healthy teeth, and tolerable breath, and most importantly, happy doodles!

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