94… 99… 106… DEGREES!

That’s been our weekend temperatures….

I don’t know about you – but here in VA, we are FRYING with this indescribable heat!

When I “tried” to walk the dogs Thursday –  the asphalt driveway had been so incredibly hot, Leo slid across like an Olympic ice skater chasing after his ball.

On Friday, we reached 90 degrees before 11:30am, yet the weather forecasters focused on the day to come –  Saturday – the day to fear.

Leo LOVES the backyard. And although in this heat, he doesn’t stay out there long, he still wants to be able to see the sun (I guess) even if only for a little while. I had to come up with a plan….

By mid afternoon, I was on the phone and the computer, searching and calling every store I could think of trying to get my hands on this:

BL (before Leo), I had the exact same pool for Harley, and I quickly got rid of it. Why?

Because the first 15 minutes it was tons of fun, he’d splash in and out as he “ran through” the yard, but on minute “16” – the grass was wet and soggy, the dirt seemed to “churn” into mud and Harley started to resemble a chocolate lab with fluffy hair! It was just WAY too much work…

But on Friday, I had this “late”  yet “extraordinary” revelation – just put the pool on the deck and eliminate the dirt! My excitement quickly turned to panic because I couldn’t locate a store with a “hard plastic kiddie pool!”

Why is it when you REALLY want something REALLY, REALLY bad, it becomes a “quest?” For about one solid hour I googled and dialed. I almost shed a tear when my local ACE hardware store attendant told me over the phone that they just unloaded a new shipment of kiddie pools.

The weather forecasters were correct – by mid morning Saturday, the heat was on! But we were ready. the pool was full and the party had gotten started…

They would wrestle with toys on the deck, and then jump in the water. I had to laugh because at one point Harley leaped in the recliner to dry under the umbrella…

Once Leo realized he wasn’t coming back…

He decided to join him…

It was hot again on Sunday, so we filled the pool up again and played more water games. they had a great weekend, they stayed cool, and CLEAN!

FYI: Just news to share, I purchased some “leave in” dog conditioner for them to apply a few squirts after we came in so drying and brushing wouldn’t be difficult, and according to Fernando their groomer, it would also help revitalize their coats.

Like kids after a few hours at the beach, the boys are moving rather slow this evening, just sort of having a “Lazy Sunday” waiting for dinner…

BTW – Just in case you were concerned about me out there in all that ridiculous heat – don’t be – I was in the pool too! The three of us – “jammed up and jelly tight” but cool and having a blast! Nope, no pics of that…..

Thanks for reading…

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  • Tiffany
    July 8, 2012

    Only thing missing is their poolside cocktails. They are SO cute!

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