On November 14, 2011 I wrote and posted a blog titled: “CAN AN ANGEL HAVE AN ANGEL” (feel free to read if you haven’t). It is a story about my mom struggling with the beginning stages of dementia and the unique tenderness in which my boys handle her when they are together….











My mom (who the grandchildren affectionately call “Angel”) is now 95 years old and the disease has gained momentum so our visits are now in the loving home environment of the Assisted Living Facility where she lives, not more than 12 miles from us. We all visit her regularly, to include “Poochie – Poochie” (her nick name for both boys – for they are interchangeable to her!)…
My sister drove up from NYC Saturday to visit, I met her and my brother in law there – and later that afternoon my dear sweet DH (doodle husband) brought “Poochie-Poochie” up to see mom. Unfortunately when they got there, she had retired for her “after lunch” nap, but what occurred next was nothing short of amazing!

The boys are no strangers to Angel’s home, they have many friends there…
They visit EVERYBODY…
To include the staff…
But I noticed that Harley had his mind elsewhere…
He pulled like a lead dog on a sled team, which is totally out of character. Not one to “show-off” in public, yet on this particular afternoon, I couldn’t get him to listen to any commands. It wasn’t as if he woke up this morning and decided to be difficult, there was something he wanted to do, and he was relentless with attempts to tell me.

His behavior was so peculiar even my sister and brother in law commented on his agitation. I looked at my husband for a second and released his leash thinking that Harley wanted to go to him. But that wasn’t the case.

Harley bolted towards my mom’s room, and pushed the door open just wide enough to squeeze his puffy little frame through. I got up off the sofa and walked behind him, slowly – because for the first time that day, I realized he was looking for his “Angel.”

When I reached her, this is what I found…
When I whispered his name, he actually turned around and looked at me, as if to say “Hey, I wanted to see her”
And then he sat, ever so gently on her frail legs and rested…
My sister and I stared in awe. She never stirred!

I am so happy I carry my camera phone around with me everywhere I go – because it is moments like this that can’t be recreated!

Harley sat there for a good little while, and my mom continued to sleep peacefully.

She never woke up and he finally got down, but something tells me she knew her “Poochie-Poochie” came to visit. I promised Harley I would bring him back this week at an earlier time so hopefully they could spend “quality time” together.

My sister left that afternoon headed north, and Harley wished her safe travels…
She’s a “Groovy Goldendoodle” fan too!

Thanks for reading…

  • gale bazilio
    January 7, 2013

    This story touched me! I was beautiful!

  • Chas
    January 8, 2013

    This post makes me extra emotional. Animals have such an amazing gentle and pure need to neurter and protect. I am so glad you were able to capture this. All of it. Thank you for sharing. Harley found his angel. It’s so precious, just so precious.

  • Bosco's Mom
    January 8, 2013

    Awwwe. So true! Precious moments. Harley showing his sensitive side. Can’t wait to give him some love.