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I now co-host a weekly podcast called Girls with Dogs.

It was birthed from a discussion earlier this year. A very passive, casual conversation between two friends – myself and Kimberly Gauthier.

Kimberly is the brains, and keyboard fingers behind the successful blog: Keep the Tail Wagging. A dog nutrition website packed with information about – 

  • raw feeding
  • recipes
  • natural supplements
  • living with four dogs (and a pond!)

We resurrected the podcast idea in the beginning of the summer and launched our first episode seven weeks ago!


The best synopsis about our Podcast can be summed up in one sentence –

A conversation between friends who are crazy about their dogs.

Kimberly and I met at a pet blogging conference approx. eight years ago. Over the years our friendship grew, we stayed in touch and before we realized it – we were chatting on the phone regularly about all things dogs. 

While we are both “Crazy Dog Moms” our uniquely different thoughts and approaches to raising our furry family members compliment and enhance their lives.

After all these years we continue to chit-chat and thought “what fun” to share our conversations with you! 

Each episode includes three different 12 minute topics and on occasion a guest – to add to a particular subject.



Millions of people experienced a long hiatus during the height of the pandemic. Many were fortunate enough to work from home – and some of us have already returned to the workplace. Kimberly and I discussed the impact this would have on the human component as well as our dogs (begins 11:28 minutes into this podcast)

However, I never thought about how they would feel coming “back” to work


Episode three has to be (paws down) my favorite one thus far. Kimberly and I begin with a debate about who we perceive ourselves to be – “Dog Mom vs. Pet Parent.”

But it’s the second topic in this trio podcast that is very special to me.

We asked my human children to share their thoughts and feelings on whether they felt “replaced” by the Boys when they left the nest. What’s their take on me identifying myself as a “Pet Parent?” OMDoodle…

Kimberly conducted the entire interview – I was prohibited from participating! There were a few surprises in this interview – (begins 17:10 minutes into this podcast). But I applaud them for their honesty.


I’ve always been a fan of James Jacobson’s Dog Edition Podcast. When he reached out to Kimberly – I was star struck excited. What a pleasure to be a guest on his show (begins 18:31 minutes into this podcast).

By the end of the segment – he asked to spend time on Girls with Dogs as our guest!

We of course said “yes” and he was pawfect for our subject matter –  

Are dogs chick magnets for men?

Also discussed –

  • the lack of Dog Dad Swag
  • other gender specific myths with men who love dogs
  • Kimberly’s KAREN moment.

We laughed the entire episode.

So if you’re a Podcast kind of person – then subscribe and let us keep you company as you walk your dog, do laundry, prepare a meal or do nothing but sip your favorite beverage.

Our goal is to give you 35-45 minutes of weekly conversations to laugh along and/or ponder about from the prospective of two crazy dog moms who just happen to be Girls with Dogs!

Thanks for reading AND listening…

Bark, Share and Woof this up for us please…❤️

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