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Last week our daughter boarded the train for an excursion to the “Big Apple.” She loves to travel and generally EVERY mini-vaca for her is like a box of Cracker Jacks – there is going to be some sort of surprise inside… she is a magnet for “serendipitous” adventures!

Twelve hours after she left my sight, she sends me a frantic text message that reads: “No collar. Lost Goldendoodle” Followed by this picture:

































As I look at this picture, I get another text with another picture, that reads: “Can I bring him home?”

































I’m dialing her phone number at such speed my own fingers are a blur to my eyesight. When she answers, she is already in mid sentence! She’s telling me while on her way to dinner, she sees this “adorable” and “super friendly” (these are her words) Goldendoodle behind a fenced in area – ALONE!

She says there is no one around and she can’t leave him there. She’s talking so fast, I’m waiting for her to either pass out or explode:

“Mom, he’s:

a little taller then Harley
has a face like Leo
got hair like Harley
smiles like Leo”

I wait for her to breathe and then I interject (quickly I might add) and tell her that she’s moving WAY too fast. Well THAT wasn’t the response she was looking for… “MOM” she exclaims (so much passion, my goodness), “I cannot leave him here – he’s a DOODLE!”

I shoot back with my Arsenio Hall questions, you remember, those questions that make you go – “hum….”


how do you know he’s a stray?
Leo and Harley don’t wear collars all the time (and I’m not proud of this)
what about calling the local authorities to assist?
how do you expect to get him back with you on the train?”

She was ready for me, came back with rebuttals like a law school graduate. “Mom:

he’s all alone in the city
this is exactly why you should keep their collars on them (she’s right on this one)
they will just take him to the pound, I can’t let that happen
I’ll rent a car and drive back”

Oh, she was on a roll. “Mom:

he will be MY dog
I’ll be responsible for ALL his expenses
Harley and Leo will be ok (like she’s called them earlier…)
the Pet Resort will groom him for me
I’ll take him to the vet and see if he’s got a “micro-chip” and try to find his owners so they can come and get him

This is the one that I REALLY liked though….

“If you won’t let him live in the house – I understand. I will keep him and move in with my brother!”

By now, you’re thinking that I am sharing this story to introduce you to the newest member of our tribe aren’t you?


Let me not hold you captive with suspense any longer.

By the third call, I hear someone in the background call out to “Max”. Tiffany asks her if this is her dog. The lady says “no”, but explains that Max lives in the neighborhood, and he is “practically famous” in the area, and “EVERYBODY knows Max.” At that moment the owners come walking across the street. Tiffany hangs up – and leaves me hanging…

When Tiffany calls back she is more herself – less hysterics – more like the person I know. She tells me the owners are “really cool”  and they were right across the street. They are remodeling the structure with the fence that Max was behind. Max was not lost, he was exactly where he was supposed to be. He has loving pet-parents, who would have been absolutely “sick” with worry, had their beloved Max been removed from his own yard!

They stood around and chatted for a bit, shared “doodle stories and pictures.” It is my understanding they have now started reading the blog – so “welcome” Malcolm and Susan, your little Max is “cute as a button.”

Doodle owners, have no fear, we are not letting Tiffany travel alone anymore (HA!)

Harley and Leo wish you a very Happy Easter weekend but they also want to remind you to please be mindful – Easter “treats” are for kids. Keep those “chocolate” goodies out of reach for they can be “deadly” to your four legged friends.
Thanks for reading…

  • Kaytlin
    April 5, 2012

    what a cute story, and cute dog too!

  • Sadaf Atashbarghi
    April 10, 2012

    i think you need a 3rd doodle =)

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