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Everybody with a dog does it. Maybe not everyday, but often enough to relate to my cynical sense of humor on this topic…

Whether it’s multiple times a day or just once in a while because you’ve either hired a dog walking service or you live on a large parcel of land. If you are owned by a canine companion, more than likely you will be out there letting him/her/them WALK YOU!…

Not until recently did I realize even though Harley and Jaxson have many similarities:

  • same breed
  • same family
  • same home
  • same schedule
  • same gender

Yet, when it comes to our daily walks, they are entirely different #thatnightanddaydifferent

Experts claim there is a proper way to walk your dog, I’m familiar with the recommendations – but I’ve never mastered the techniques. I stopped trying to be the Alpha a long time ago because no Dood ever seemed to care one way or the other #whatever

If you’re fortunate to catch a glimpse of me out there, you will gaze in amazement at how well I’ve skillfully mastered two leashes, poop bags AND a camera or smart phone. I’m like a ballerina. I’ve got poise, great form like you wouldn’t believe (you should see my twists), and I’m extremely graceful…

I have perfected this one move – when I think I’m going down, and there’s nothing else I can do. I throw my hands straight up in the air and release the leashes so I remain upright. This allows me to fight gravity like a heavy weight boxer and never go down. As all of this is happening, the Boys don’t move an inch during my performance. Something about the leashes riding on their backs – it makes them stop immediately and wait for me! #likehorses


If I had to describe Jaxson’s style, I’d say he resembles a “Clydesdale.” He’s steady, straight, with a consistent pace. His hips move with a rather melodic sway that will hypnotize me into creating a song (yes out loud) to a beat that’s taken my brain hostage for that moment.

He’s never one to lunge at a human or animal, and he’s extremely respectful to the word –


Jaxson averages about three stops – all for the sole purpose of relieving himself and then he’s just going along the rest of the way because I’ve asked him to. Slightly in front, but must be on my right at all times – he rarely gives the leash tension when wearing his harness, and is always a true gentleman wherever we go…

This one?…

Different Dood – different story!

A walk to him used to be like spending the morning with the Sunday paper, reading sniffing something treating each block like it’s its own section…

Now after 14 evolutions around the preverbal fire hydrant – he’s added a new element into our journey – speed. #orthelackthereof

This Dood is slower than pond water. #andpondwaterdontmove

I can never be in a hurry, have somewhere to go or need to go potty myself!

He has absoDOODLEtutely no need for speed. Partly due to his age, but the majority is his new stubborn outlook on life.


With two dogs, more than six years apart, Lee and I have a different approach on the best way to walk them. If Jaxson spends the day away from work, their morning walk (with Lee) is done separately. Harley prefers the Urban City version – not quite two blocks and back, while Jaxson gets the Army Infantry/Ranger road march. #yourleftrightleft

I have dinner duty, and for that early evening stroll -we ALL go together! After a full day of work, Jaxson and I enjoy Harley’s turtle speed – which allows Harley to sniff all he wants, the more pauses the better!

As Harley ages, so do I and I’ve got to tell you – there is such peace and solitude during those 45-60 minutes of walking with my dogs. From a mental health perspective I am able to mentally delete the stresses of the day. Having them walk me improves my sense of well-being.

Tell me, what are your walks like?

Live life at the end of a leash ❤️

  • Cheryl
    April 30, 2023

    Our walks are like drunken sailors! We live in a no sidewalk small wooded subdivision so we have to walk in the street. Cody walks from side to side, thank goodness there are few cars, sniffing everything! He poohs once and pee’s at least 4 times. Cody loves his walks, he’s like the mail person mantra, neither rain, nor snow or gloom of night, etc. We walk!
    Have a good week!

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    May 1, 2023

    I continue to need work on that whole ‘release the leashes’ thing. Instinct just kicks in and I automatically grip even tighter. 🙂 Luckily I have reduced the spills but anticipating potential outcomes that might trigger the dogs (well, mostly Elsa-Norman is a champ at walking). Happy trails!