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After two years of football seasons, the Boys and I (along with dozens of our neighborhood residents) have had enough with the Citadel cannon! 

We pass the Citadel everyday, we think of them as our friends.

Work last week was extremely busy. By Friday afternoon I was hanging on to weekend dreams. Lounging all day, catching up on writing, reading, and just relaxing with Lee and those two adorable Doods we live with!

As I gleefully bounced downstairs Saturday morning to make a doodle*licious cup of coffee, I saw from the front door – what looked like Citadel football activity. #ohnowillrobinson

Harley and I stepped outside on the porch (in disbelief) to check out the frolicking sounds of “pre” tail-gate set-up…

Tents, humans and traffic mean the big boom monster is coming.

You see, we live directly across the street from the stadium. Which is where the cadets drag the cannon for all their home games.

I hollered to Lee – 

Hey babe, tell me there’s not a football game today!

His response was extra short but said it all – 

two o’clock

I was heart broken.


My fantasy Saturday plans had now vanished. Poof! #doodlesmoke

Now – whether I wanted to or not – Harley, Jaxson and I must leave our happy home for an entire afternoon. I do this to purposely avoid watching them scramble in agony searching endlessly for refuge in a corner, under a chair, or behind a table – fearful of the next loud boom that rattles our windows.

This occurs seven or eight Saturdays between September and the end of November every year!

I drink my coffee, get dressed and make new plans for the day. 

Without looking at my watch, I know time is drawing near because Jaxson starts to smell the barbecue grills cranking up…

The barbecue nose expert

Once the crowds begin to grow, and the announcer can be heard loud and clear from the stadium, the Boys become restless and I know it’s time to leave our humble abode…

It’s time to vacate the premises

We love where we live and I love being home.

I also enjoy a competitive football game, especially on the collegiate level.

But for all that is humane to babies, small children and family pets – I cannot understand why we are forced to endure this “tradition” each and every year – at every game!


If your pet suffers with anxiety during inclement weather, trust me, the cannon is worst than thunder. 

When bad weather approaches, research has proven dogs (among other animals) are aware as the barometric pressures change. They can detect thunder along with other aggressive weather conditions far earlier than you or I.

With the cannon, the only warning is the roar of the crowd.

The Citadel cannon (along with gun-fire) occurs at the – 

  • beginning of the game
  • touch downs
  • field goals
  • end of the game

I want to support our local team yet I dread those home games when they play a lesser opponent. #knowhatImean


As you’re reading this and find yourself  asking – why the cannon? Let me tell you – that’s an excellent question! Yet there isn’t any real convincing answer. 

According to the Citadel – 

During Citadel Home Football Games, the Battery supports the team by firing one of two 6lb. black powder cannons when the Bulldogs score a touchdown. Then, when the extra point is scored “Boomer” the touchdown cannon is fired for the extra point.

The Citadel

Am I the only person who finds this “loudly” inconsiderate in a residential area?

Apparently not! On game Saturdays as season ticket holders drive around in circles looking for parking, residents with small children and pets are getting into their cars on what I call “forced fun outings.” 

We literally choose to vacate our houses for several hours to ensure our babies (both humankind and fur) will not be frightened in their own homes.


Fortunately, I was able to change their grooming appointment from Sunday to Saturday. 

But I wasn’t able to have it coincide with the start of the game, so we left at noon vs. 2pm. 

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming is a fun place for them. Jaxson is allowed to taste test the treat bowls…

Liver AND carrots together? I’m dreaming!!!!

And they both adore Abbey their bather…

One of my favorite places to be….

While they get a bath and ton’s of TLC, I run errands and stay in close proximity so I can scoop them up when they’re ready.

It’s 3:00pm. The game is still in the first half, so off we go to visit family on the other side of town. I packed their dinner and we stay there until the game is over – 5:00 ish. 

By the time we get home, the stadium is almost empty, the tail-gaters are still enjoying themselves, but I can’t convince the Boys that the game is over and the loud boom monster has been put back in his cage away.

Wherever I go for the rest of the day, they are like velcro. Jax’s eyes follow me with such a haunting unsure look…

As long as I can see you, I feel safe!

The next day, they are fine, and as I work in my guest bedroom/office I can hear the heavy breathing and snoring going on behind me…

Slept like that for over an hour.

They are exhausted. And since the tents are down, the laughter, music, and clapping has been replaced with birds chirping and traffic, they rest, and I write.


As I stated earlier, I love my neighborhood, to include the games in the stadium, and the tennis matches across the street. It’s such fun to stand on the front porch and watch the Caribbean festival, high school and holiday parades. I reminisce when the cadets practice drills, and the schools engage in the battle of the bands. 

I just don’t like this Citadel cannon! And I’m not alone. More neighbors are speaking out as we see each other loading our cars with small children and pets, leaving our homes for hours.

We are all headed to the neighborhood meeting next month. We feel it’s time our voices are heard. 

I’ve decided to speak up (and out) after watching Harley’s back leg tremble like a leaf in the breeze when he heard the crowd cheer. He was bracing himself for the cannon. What broke my heart – the crowd was cheering because the cadets had entered the stadium, the game hadn’t even started. #itstimetosaysomething

There is one more home game to endure. I’ve already got my grooming appointment scheduled!

Thanks for reading.

I was born for the storm and a calm just does not suite me ❤️

  • Madison
    October 28, 2019

    We have a sort of similar problem, our idiot neighbor behind us. He loves anything loud, and fireworks are really his thing…the kind that make our house shake and send Mom flying off the couch. He does them randomly at night, all year. It is just awful. Bailie is terrified of the noise, and I’m starting to get scared myself. Why are some people so inconsiderate? At least with the cannon, you know it is coming, and it seems to have a purpose, like it or not.

    • Cathy Bennett
      October 28, 2019

      Don’t know when it’s coming, just know the day it will fire – for the games. It serves no purpose at all – their mascot is a bulldog for crying out loud. It’s not like they’re “Buckaneers” or something symbolic like that. This was done centuries ago when there were no residents in the area. It was done on the Citadel campus, now they’ve built a stadium and they roll the cannon to it. It’s crazy. They could put a muzzle on it and reduce the sound, but if you ask me – it’s time to retire this tradition and pick up a new one. So sorry to hear about your idiot neighbor. That must be a real pain because it sounds like he does it all year round. I’m so baffled at the way some minds work….

  • Ducky's & Radar's Mom
    October 28, 2019

    Oh gawd, Cathy, I soooo feel your pain!! And poor Harley and Jaxson!! I remember – like it was yesterday – how my poor Callie would react to thunderstorms and fireworks. The cannon would have been too much. I hope you and your neighbors have at least some success! Give the boys hugs and kisses for me!

    • Cathy Bennett
      October 28, 2019

      I’ll certainly keep you posted, I can’t wait to see how many people step up and stand up for change when it comes to the cannon.

  • Jan K
    October 29, 2019

    It sounds like it is time for this tradition to end, good luck at your meeting. We have neighbors who like to target shoot. We never know when it’s coming, but when it does, Luke is just like your boys with the cannon. I have to sit with him while he huddles under his weighted blanket, shaking away, and we wait for it to stop. We have no idea when it will (luckily, most of the time it does not go on for too long).

    • Cathy Bennett
      October 29, 2019

      Oh Jan – that sounds worse than the cannon. At least I know the cannon comes out when there’s a home game. With your neighbor – he can shoot at will – that’s just so insensitive. I would be afraid to leave Luke home alone because you never know. Have you ever tried talking to your neighbor (just curious)? I am trying to be optimistic about our upcoming meeting, but it’s been going on for so long, I can’t gage which way this will go. I’ll keep you posted. Hugs to Luke for me – I feel so sad for him.