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If you’ve ever gotten caught cheating on your dog by hanging out with another dog – you can definitely relate to this story. I’ve been caught cheating a lot lately, and the Boys aren’t happy about it…


I never thought dogs “really” got jealous – but apparently I was wrong. I can now attest, without a doubt –

dogs do get jealous


FANTASTIC!  We are a pup or two shy of having 50 pet therapy pups in our department! #insaneinagoodway

Each day I’m able to greet them as they arrive with their Volunteer humans…


Ragamuffin (aka) Rags with his human Jim

Therapy dogs work hard…


Bodie takes time to make Matt’s day a little brighter

After or between therapy shifts they will come into the office either for water, treats or a little down time before going to another area of the hospital or home. They all know I have treats…


Bodie patiently waits for me to to get off the phone.

and they all know I love to see them.

Some say my area is their hangout, their Cheers bar #whereeverybodyknowsyourname


Pete – my Portuguese Water Dog assistant

What ever the case –

Mi casa es su casa…


I call her “Sassy Sophie”


is generally met with one or two very excited Doods in the window waiting for me…

As soon as I enter the house, they gallop into the foyer hopping and leaping all over me.

Then suddenly one of them sniffs and catches a whiff of another dogs scent on my clothes and the indoor climate goes from warm and cozy to brisk and chilly. #supersniffers

All the joy exits as I enter. Body language changes too, Lot’s of sniffing, licking and Harley will even start wrinkling his nose as if he’s disappointed in me.

There’s the “who you been with” glare…


Or the “I don’t want to hear it” avoidance…



Dogs “see” through their noses –

Humans are visual animals and dogs are olfactory animals. For visual animals like ourselves, suppose we have a quilt and throw a book on the quilt and throw a pencil on top of book. We don’t see a mishmash there—we see a pencil, a book, and a quilt. We break it up into individual components visually. But because our sense of smell is poorer than a dog’s, when we walk into a room and someone is cooking chili, we smell that mishmash smell of everything altogether, but dogs break it up; they smell the meat, the tomatoes, the spices, the peppers—each being separate. There is much more for them to process, so they spend more time sniffing things because they are trying to distinguish the components. Source: Daily Treat (Rover (dot)com)

The ability to smell individual components essentially becomes the Boys way of knowing how many dogs I’ve played with during the length of time I’ve been away from them.

Thank the Doodle both Harley and Jaxson have the dispositions of “happy Doods”, because the pouting doesn’t last long.

Quickly they forget what they smelled earlier and I’m no longer ostracized from the pack. A combination of dinner, an early evening walk and some ball playing are like emergency surgery. Together it sutures us back to our normal…


How do Pet Parent Veterinarians and Vet Techs do it?

Does your dog act differently when you’ve been with another dog?


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Make this the mondayest Monday that ever mondayed ❤

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  • Shadow and Ducky's Mom
    March 26, 2018

    Ducky used to get jealous – A LOT – of the attention I gave Shadow or Callie; and then just Shadow when Callie went to Heaven. But she’s gotten much better over the past year. Usually the girls are just so happy to have me back home that they don’t sniff for much more than a minute. Even when I was doing my externship at the vet’s office.

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 26, 2018

      I’m noticing that the more it occurs (everyday) the less “sucking up” I have to do each evening. They were really putting the guilt trip thing on me.

  • Emma
    March 26, 2018

    We thought you worked at your church? Must have missed something. I always sniff up Mom when she comes home and I do get jealous. My sisters don’t seem to care as much. I guess they are more confident than I am.

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 26, 2018

      Oh Emma – you must have just forgotten 🙁 I started working with Volunteer Services and Pet Therapy at the Medical University of South Carolina back in July. That’s why I am always getting “busted” by Harley & Jaxson – everyday I’m hanging out with a different dog!

  • Monika & Sam
    March 26, 2018

    Oh yeah…that’s “you’ve got some serious ‘splaining’ to do mom look. Like you experience, luckily they soon get over it. Your department assistants are all adorable and must provide oodles of therapy for staff and patients alike. And who couldn’t need a little therapy these days from such adorable providers.

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 26, 2018

      They are great assistants – that’s why I’m always getting “busted” by my Boys 🙂

  • Lindsay
    March 27, 2018

    I totally get it, especially on pet sitting weekends. The dogs crawl up my legs checking me out and whom I’ve beeb a traitor with. Luckily they’re indifferent and they don’t mind for more than a minute, then all is forgiven and love resumes. 🙂

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 27, 2018

      I thought about you Lindsay when I wrote this post. I was like: she must get beat up pretty bad with the disapproving eyes when she gets home! LOL
      I’m noticing though, that they are taking less time to “get over it” than when I first started working with the other dogs. I’m keeping hope alive that soon they won’t even notice! Stay well my friend 🙂 XOXO

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