If you’ve only read a couple of blog posts or looked at only a hand full of photos you’ve seen “Wilson.” I cannot quote an exact date as to when “Wilson” joined our family, but I am pretty sure it was shortly after Leo arrived which was the fall of 2010. It is probably safe to say “Wilson’s” date of birth is somewhere around the Spring of 2011.

I remember the first walk the four of us (Harley, Leo, Wilson and I) took together…

It was the first walk where Leo didn’t practice “sled pulling” – I would be the sled!

“Wilson” became a crucial part of our lives quickly. So to ensure we never lose him – we’ve had to “clone” him.

Meet just a few of our “Wilson’s”….
They are all genetically identical, and only Leo knows who goes on which trips. I will try to explain.

There’s “Grandpa Wilson” that went with us for the new website photo shoot…
As you can see – there is much wear and tear brought on through the years…
“Nana Wilson” goes to the park, she’s pretty old too, but still in tack and easier to catch when DH pitches those long passes across the field…
“Wilson, Jr” travels on our downtown DC strolls – this is the youngest “Wilson family member” and perhaps Leo thinks he needs the exposure….
Leo loves to share “Wilson” – because he knows when you’re finished admiring it, you’ll throw it back to him…
At times he must feel paternal because you can find him coveting, keeping them close, like a Papa Doodle and his “Wilson Pups”...
Harley doesn’t mess with “Wilson” much, he’d rather bother Leo by pretending he wants it. Harley is a wrestler, he’ll go for the back leg to take him down…
…and then jump his opponent…
On Sunday, the doodle wagon rolled about 6 miles to THE FROSTIE MOOSE for some soft swirl ice cream.
I bought The Boys a “pup cup” (complete with a milk bone – so cute!)…




I gave them only a few teaspoons and put the rest in the freezer for them to nibble on throughout the week.


Well, this morning “The Frostie Moose” met “Wilson” on our walk, and “Wilson” met an untimely death… he sort of got in the way of the morning business at hand.

Leo looked so distraught as “Wilson” got swept up into the  poop bag, I did the only kind thing I knew to do – I went back to the house for reinforcement. We had to grab a “Wilson” cousin from the backyard before completing our walk!

I think Leo may be lactose intolerant because he’s got a bunch of noise coming from his abdominal area. He’s resting a bit this morning, and we’re not bothering him either…
I have no doubt in a few hours, Leo’s “bubbles” will pass, and the four of us will be outside playing again. Harley, Leo, DM and “Wilson”….

Thanks for reading – and be kind to someone today…

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